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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Great big fat giant kudos to Chad Duell, Laura Wright and Julie Berman, as Michael tears a strip off of his mother and Lulu finding out the truth about Dante made for interesting soap on Tuesday's General Hospital .

Sam insists Abby is not a hooker, despite Carly’s assertion that she is, since Abby was just arrested for that crime. Carly wants Abby away from Michael before she ruins his life. Sam says Abby’s been really good to Michael and tells Carly to ask Michael and to really listen to him. Carly claims she sees the pain in Michael but pretends otherwise, since she feels that’s what he wants from her.


Jason tells Carly that she can’t run Abby out of Michael’s life, that he’ll turn against her. Jason reminds her that Michael needs to make his own decisions. Carly doesn’t want to see him go back to prison.

Michael feels he and Abby are good together and happy with each other, but she wants them to stop seeing each other because she’s afraid it will hurt his parole. She insists she’s a hooker.

Lulu lets Maxie know that she’s worried about Dante and what might be going on. Theo shows up, looking for Dante, and makes himself at home, while Maxie makes a run for it. Theo starts talking about the similarities between the two cases and Lulu pretends to know what he’s talking about. Theo mentions how Dante covered up the last murder and how Brenda will likely confuse the two since she’s emotionally unstable. Lulu tries to defend Dante, but it’s clear the information has upset her.

Dante feels BraSon should postpone the wedding, but Sonny doesn’t want to disappoint Brenda. (What is she? Twelve?). Dante tells him to grow some cajones and stand up to Brenda, but Sonny passes the buck to him and tells Dante to convince Brenda and then feels they’ve already had too many delays in getting together. Dante points out that a wedding is an excellent opportunity for someone to get their revenge but Sonny insists there will be tons of security. Perhaps someone should share that snippet with Kate, the last person he tried to marry.

Molly has a nightmare of the bus crash. Alexis tries to comfort her, tells her to talk about the dream, that it will make it less scary. Kristina comes home, but has forgotten to stop by Molly’s school to pick up her heroism award. Molly says she doesn’t want anyone to make a big deal. Alexis leaves to pick up dinner. Molly asks to use Kristina’s laptop, but K says no, so Molly goes crazy, screams at her sister and throws a vase of flowers. Kristina is shocked at Molly’s behaviour and Molly doesn’t understand herself. When Alexis returns and realizes something is up with the girls, Kristina claims she broke the vase and Molly wonders why she would take the blame, but K feels she owes Molly.

Michael shows up at the penthouse and he and Carly get into it about Abby. Carly tells him he can’t spend time with her, but Michael refuses to listen to her and says he changed in Pentonville and Abby listens. Carly doesn’t understand why he would risk going back to jail, but Michael is done defending himself. He feels his mother doesn’t know him, doesn’t even see him. Carly retreats for the moment, tells him she loves him and leaves.

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Michael almost spills the beans to Jason about Pentonville, but leaves to find his mother. Jason’s upset that he was so close. He gets a call about Mike and leaves to see Sonny, but asks Sam to have Abby come by to talk.

Jason lets Sonny know that Mike is gambling again but he’s paid off the debt. Sonny feels that’s just enabling Mike and feels that he has to get his father into a rehab program. He lets Jason know that he asked Dante to be his best man, which is fine with Jason, who’s only interest is to get rid of Brenda.

Theo meets with Sonny who wants the lawyer to make the case go away. Theo feels that if the truth comes out, that both Dante and Brenda can end up in prison. Sonny claims it was self defence and insists he doesn’t want Brenda to take the stand. Theo says he decides who testifies and that Brenda will take the stand.

When Jason gets back to the penthouse, Abby is waiting for him. She insists she doesn’t take money for sex, but admits she told Michael she did in order to break up with him. Jason tells her the decision has to be Michael’s, that he needs to know the truth and that if she respects him, she’ll tell him and let Michael choose.

Sam tells Jason she thought he would tell Abby to stay away, but he wants Michael to make the choice, since so many decisions were taken away from him. Sam admits that Michael is special and knows that Jason will be there to listen to him, because he’s always been like a parent to Michael.

Michael stops by his mother’s house to apologize for exploding at her. She tells him she’s not judging him or Abby but is scared for him and wants to protect him. He understands that and knows she can warn him, but ultimately it’s his life and his decision. Carly finally concedes that he needs to make his own choices and promises to stay out of whatever Michael decides.

Dante comes home to a furious Lulu who tells him about Theo’s visit and the information she found out especially the cover up. Dante says he got rid of the body to protect Brenda. Lulu’s upset that he covered up crimes for Brenda and then lied about not knowing her and wonders what other secrets he hasn’t told her. Dante says the killing wasn’t his secret to tell. Lulu is angry that he was loyal to Brenda instead of being honest with her. He tells her he never lied about how much he loves her, but she believes him to be a liar and a cheat and she can no longer trust him. She declares them done and leaves.

Tune in on Thursday for hopefully some follow up, since tomorrow’s episode is a repeat. If I don’t get a Lulu/Maxie cry-fest, I’m going to be very angry!