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General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Has Flashbacks of Prison!

Here’s the Scoop!

Of course everyone wants to know… just what is the storyline that dictates Rebecca Herbst’s exit? SOAPnet says (and it's not much):


Storyline dictates that Elizabeth (and her portrayer Rebecca Herbst) will be exiting Port Charles this spring ... which means that you can expect to see some exciting, explosive, and "OMG" things happen with Liz over the next few months. Big, big stuff.

Michael has flashbacks… of life behind bars and Carter! Just how good will this be? RUMORS say pretty good.

The Balkan’s main man comes back to Port Chuck! No, not Jerry, that Dimitri fella. He’s set to cause some trouble around town.

Luke and his diamond heist… involve Maxie? It looks like Maxie will get some diamonds sent to her on a photo shoot. Intrigued by the shipment she receives, wouldn’t this be a great time for Maxie to enlist the help of her non-husband? Let’s hope Guza thinks so too.

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A new man for Carly? Jax and Carly are supposed to share a “brief” reunion of sorts, but a character by the name of Shawn is hitting town and mixing it up with Carly. Who else will get a little “shake up” courtesy of Shawn? Back to Carly, not sure just how Shawn is meant for Carly, but for once the character of Carly is in a pairing – besides Sonny – that works and Laura Wright is dominating the canvas. Why does a newbie make any sense? Carly is asking Jax for a divorce.

Siobhan is now a contract role…Erin Chambers told fans on her facebook page that she had signed a contract with the show. ABC is now confirming it. While it is most definitely not Ms. Chambers fault that Herbst was fired, if it was a choice between the two, you all know who I would vote for. SPOILERS say Lucky will find out that Siobhan is working for the Balkan and that the Irish beauty has an explanation for Detective Spencer.

When Johnny is hurt… is it Lulu nursing him back to health? How much is Johnny supposed to take? What about Dr. Lisa? Johnny takes a beating from Dimitri and Lulu is the one who finds him. Just how deep is Johnny in with the Balkan?

Will Lulu and Dante get back together? RUMOR has it they will, at some point. Remember though, the baby news is still coming out and I’m sure any step forward, that will certainly set them a million steps back. One thing that will surely set them back, Lulu finding Brenda in her man’s arms.

Jason, Sam and Baby… Is she pregnant? RUMORS say Sam may be with child before she’s able to undergo the procedure. Jason finds a pregnancy test. Regardless of when or how, Sam and Brenda talk babies, such a plot point for both these characters. Does Sam even want a baby? She says she doesn’t, that she’s happy with their Bonnie and Clyde life.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Luke has jewels planted on Tracy, who is then arrested. Someone has demolished Brenda’s wedding dress. Michael tells Jason what happened with Carter in prison. Brenda wants to know about the baby Sam lost. Robin seems smitten with Terrell. Is Brook getting one up on Elizabeth? What is Tracy regretting? Patrick challenges Terrell. Brandon, the abusive ex is still around and still bothering Abby.