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One Life to Live Recap: Nobody's Fault But Mine

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Nora: But you didn’t. You didn’t tell us. You just went ahead and tried to split Bo and I up because that’s what you wanted. Well, I just hope that Clint and Bo can settle this without anyone else getting hurt.

Inez confesses that she drugged and lied to Bo, and Nora is outraged. Inez says that Bo was upset about the texts, but after the drug took effect, Bo thought he was with Nora, and he loves Nora too much to cheat on her. Bo believes Inez... and so does Nora. Relieved, they hug, but Nora then instructs Bo to arrest Inez.

Inez admits she was attracted to Bo, but she was forced to seduce him. Nora thinks Inez’s claims are “all smoke and mirrors,” and Bo thinks Nora’s right, but Inez drops the bomb: Clint masterminded everything.

Inez says Clint did favors for Inez, hired the lawyer for Eddie, and capitalized on Inez’s desperation. Inez didn’t immediately agree to Clint’s plan, but her sons were threatened, and Clint assured Inez that Nora would “not be a problem.” Bo and Nora are floored. They piece together all of the subtle clues, but wonder about the true extent of Clint’s involvement. Inez pleads with them to believe her, but Bo places her under arrest because she did just confess to drugging the police commissioner.

There’s something Bo needs to do. Nora tells Bo they have no proof against Clint, and she begs him not to do anything he’ll regret or that will cause him harm. They kiss, and Bo leaves. Before Inez is taken away, Nora asks why Inez didn’t confide in Bo or Nora. Inez has no excuse.

Clint is in the barn when Echo arrives to warn him about Dorian. Echo thinks Clint made a mistake in denying Rex, and Clint’s loss is Charlie’s gain, but Echo fears that the truth will kill Charlie. She feels guilty, but Clint thinks guilt is a “waste of time.” Echo wonders what happened to Clint, but he no longer thinks it’s an insult to be compared to Asa.

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Clint reminds Echo that she has no room to pass judgment. Echo knows that she’s never been able to do anything right. She’s falling for Charlie, and she hates herself for it, no longer able to look herself in the mirror. She wonders if Clint suffers anymore. “Pa died, and everything went to hell.” Clint recounts how he and Bo as children always fought to wear Asa’s hat, and Clint usually won. Clint says Dorian is Echo’s problem. Echo encourages Clint to “hang the hat back on that hook,” and she leaves.

Clint gazes into the mirror. He swiftly turns around when Bo appears in the reflection. Coldly and silently, Bo pulls out his gun and trains it on Clint.

At the gym, Cutter insists he’s Aubrey’s brother, but Kelly is certain he’s Aubrey’s “lovah,” and she promises she will catch him in a lie. Cutter calls Kelly the liar, and tells her that she’s pathetic for her attachment to Joey. He then changes tactics, telling her she’s irresistible and deserves better than Joey. Cutter kisses Kelly. She slaps him, telling him to go to hell.

Ford arrives at La Boulaie. Nate recanted and was covering for Inez, and Langston questions whether or not Ford thinks Inez is guilty. Ford is unsure of Inez’s capabilities. They walk into the living room, and Dorian realizes that she knows Aubrey through Ford.

Dorian tells Langston about seeing Ford and Aubrey “all over each other” at The Palace. Ford and Aubrey met when Ford posed as an important filmmaker at the Venice Film Festival, and Aubrey made Ford feel like they were soulmates. When Ford told Aubrey the truth, she dumped him because he was, per Dorian, “worthless.” Now, Ford only wants Langston.

Kelly comes home, irritated, and Dorian encourages Kelly to talk to Ford. Langston leaves as Ford relaunches into his story. Kelly asks Ford if he recognizes Cutter; Ford does. Is Cutter Aubrey’s brother?

At the hospital visiting the babies, Joey expresses concerns about Cutter, and Aubrey says that he’s overprotective because they were kept apart as kids. Joey realizes that he doesn’t know much about Aubrey beyond their intense connection. He wonders what she expects from their life together.

Joey wants a “houseful of kids.” Aubrey loves Joey’s dream, and she assures him they can stay in Llanview. She worries about Clint and Kelly, but Joey will marry Aubrey regardless. Joey promises to do anything to make Aubrey happy, and she’s touched by how differently Joey treats her than anyone before him. Overhearing, Cutter interrupts, revealing that he met a hot girl at the gym. A jealous Aubrey accuses him of moving too fast, but it’s no quicker than her and Joey.

Blair drops in on Cristian at the gym, asking him to look over the painting again. Cris discovers the artist’s watermark. Blair is impatient as Cristian looks up the symbol. The artist is in Paris. There, Blair can put Eli behind her and Cris can talk with Layla. Blair thanks Cristian.