SOURCE: "Julie Chen Wanted Barbara Bloom GONE!"

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It looks like Barbara Bloom's glaring inability to manage daytime soap operas—television institutions Guiding Light and As The World Turns were both cancelled under her disastrous stewardship— may have had absolutely nothing to do with her rumored ouster at CBS. According to sources, it was reportedly clashes with The Talk's Julie Chen which resulted in Bloom being allegedly relieved from her position as Senior Vice-President of Daytime at CBS today.


"Julie wanted her gone," says a source. "Barbara was told she had until today to clean out her office."

Reportedly Bloom was spending countless hours on the set of The Talk trying to micromanage the upstart chatfest, royally ticking off Mrs. Les Moonves. I sure hope Bill Jr., Brad and Maria Arena Bell send Chen a nice fruit basket from 1-800-Flowers.

Photo of Julie Chen by PR Photos

Additional Reporting by Jillian Bowe