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All My Children Spoilers: Kendall Collapses!

Here’s the Scoop!


Annie is a mess… a huge, crazy mess. I know some of you are not fans of Annie losing her marbles, I, on the other hand, love it. I know it’s against my JR and Annie love for her to jeopardize their relationship by going all nutso, but I just love it when Melissa Claire Egan plays crazy. I say let her go a little of the rails and then reign her in so that I can get one pairing that I want.

Damon is set to leave Pine Valley and there’s a party in the works. When JR and Marissa show up with decorations at Krystal’s, JR assures Annie he’s just helping out with the party. When Marissa comes back into the picture, JR quickly moves away from Annie, pushing her closer to the edge. What’s Annie doing with those scissors? She tells Marissa she’s just helping decorate for the party too. More hallucinations of JR and Marissa together have Annie trashing her hotel room and leaving multiple messages for JR threatening to do something. When JR checks his messages, he’s shocked, to say the least. He will tell Tad that he’s with Annie and once his divorce is final, everyone will know.

Scott tells Annie she and JR deserve each other! When the exes bump into one another, Scott figures out that Annie is upset because of his cousin and promises to keep their secret. Annie covers her crazy tracks by telling JR she thought someone was following her and that’s why she left him all those messages. Annie takes it further and tells JR it was Scott who was following her; JR confronts Scott. Marissa listens to the messages left on JR’s phone and finally figures out there is more than business going on between JR and Annie.

Marissa gets some balls… and confronts JR and Annie. First, she tells Annie she’s losing it over JR and then asks her soon-to-be ex if he loves his one-time step-mother. JR is forced to tell Annie they have to stay apart until his divorce is signed and sealed.

Damon is headed west. Liza has set up something for him in California and he decides that is best. Damon thanks Angie for taking a chance on him and giving him his first job. Opal wonders if Liza played a part in Damon’s departure and asks Tad if she had something to do his break-up with Colby. Hoping to mend things with Damon, Colby books a hotel room in the city. Damon turns her down, claiming he is no longer in love with her. While with Liza, Colby wonders who the “whore” is that Damon cheated on her with.

Tad covers for Liza… Colby wants to know what her mom meant when she apologized for hurting her. Tad covers by telling Colby that Liza feels bad about setting Damon up in California. Remember, Asher uncovers the truth about Damon and Liza. We’ll he keep it to himself? Nope! Asher tells Liza he knows what really happened and she better treat Colby right or he’s spilling the beans.

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Cara’s secret leukemia… not the best secret in daytime. Cara, however, says she kept it a secret because she finally felt normal with Jake and loved being on an adventure with him. Tad is in P.I. mode, trying to find out who is stealing meds from the hospital, when Cara comes close to blowing his cover. Cara gets the rush of adventure with Tad. Offering to help with the case, Tad turns Cara down.

David is awake… what’s next? He wants to stay in the hospital; Jake wants him sent to prison. David tells Jake he didn’t stay six feet under, why would he ever think he’d stay behind bars. Jake tells David he needs some tests, hoping to prove he can be sent to prison. Ryan hears this and poses as an orderly to get some alone time with David.

Greenlee and Ryan are engaged. The news spreads and I mentioned Madison finds out about it. She takes the news well, but tells Ryan they could have been great had it not been for Greenlee. Scott tells Greens she should really come clean about Madison’s bun in the oven.

Kendall returns to Fusion. That working from home plan did not last long, at all. Everyone welcomes her back, but an advertisement for Fusion has Kendall hearing things. Other memories start coming back.

Kendall collapses! She’ll need surgery and everyone is trying to convince her to get it. I’ll give you one guess: who is the only that can save her?

RANDOM and CRAZY… JR finds the stolen jewelry in Annie’s possession. What will Brot and Natalia do to be together? Angie gets in an accident. Madison starts to show. Caleb and Erica embrace, Jack walks in. Does everyone like this abrasive, smarmy Scott Chandler? Angie likes what Scott brings to the hospital’s table.

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