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Days Of Our Lives' Melissa Reeves: "Jack and Jennifer Were More Real"

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Days of Our Lives fan favorite Melissa Reevesspoke with Damon L. Jacobs of We Love Soaps to give her thoughts as to why her character became one half of the popular Jack (Matthew Ashford) and Jennifer pairing.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: Why do you think the fans gravitated to Jennifer & Jack and made them a “supercouple.”

Melissa Reeves: I think it was something so different from what they were used to seeing. Daytime used to be an escape into these fantasy relationships. Jack and Jennifer were more real. They bickered at each other, they made fun of each other. I think they just related more to our coupling. It wasn’t a romantic fantasy, we didn’t have the flowing clothes and the candles and the romantic bed scene. That didn’t quite work for our characters. We were the every day, “Life is hard, how are we going to get through it together” kind of coupling. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes it was funny. I think that is what they caught on to.

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