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General Hospital Spoilers: Abby's Ex Tries to Rape Her!

Here’s the Scoop!


Lulu just can’t forgive Dante. I don’t blame you honey, he’s not done lying or selectively telling you what he wants you to know. Will a surprise trip to the opera sway Lulu? Nope. Dante even opens up about Brenda and Lulu still tells Dante, no thanks. Maxie will be Lulu’s shoulder to cry on, while Olivia tends to her son’s broken heart. Another shot at trying to win Lulu back has Dante coming up empty.

Jason to the rescue… he hasn’t really saved anyone in a while, that cape must be dusty. Well have no fear, Jason Morgan is here and Abby is the one who needs saving. I mentioned that Brandon gets a little rough with Abby; Jason is in the right place at the right time and comes to the damsels’ aid. At first Brandon takes off, but returns angered. Never to be the one taken down, Jason gets the upper hand on Brandon. Abby once again admits to lying to protect Michael.

Brandon does not scare that easily. Really? A mob hit man takes you down and you come back for more? Well, he is an abusive jerk. Molly the matchmaker plots to reunite Michael and Abby. Brandon will see the two together, lose his mind and try to rape Abby. Michael, has more flashbacks of prison (and Carter), defends Abby and fights Brandon.

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Lucky wants to set a trap for the leak! Little does he know, he’s sleeping with her. Giving a false lead, Lucky sits back and waits to catch the traitor who is feeding the Balkan information. When Siobhan falls right into Lucky’s trap, how will she get herself out of it? Can he work his plan to trap the Balkan? SPOILERS say Lucky is left with no choice, he has to arrest Siobhan.

Sam’s fertility… Dr. Lee tells Sam the procedure only has a 50% rate of success. Jason learns that Sam could conceive if she has the procedure done. Does Spinelli think there is already another little Stonecold in the making?

Carly and Jax… Fans of theirs will get a moment of happiness. That is until Carly finds out that Jax went to London to protect Brenda from Jerry. Carly will ask Jax for a divorce.

Molly has PTSD… Does the character of Shawn play into this? One of Molly’s episodes has Shawn helping her out and walking past Carly. Alexis talks her daughter into speaking with a therapist.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Michael confides in Jason about his time in prison. Brenda has some truths for Dante. Carly has a gun, pointed right at Dante. Nikolas doesn’t like the attention Brook gets from a business associate. Is Dante leaving the PCPD? Sonny promises Brenda their wedding will go on. Carly tells Sonny about what really happened to Michael while he was in prison.