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Fancast's Sara Bibel on BOOTED Bloom: "[She] Gave Extensive Notes on Every Single Outline and Script"

Fancast blogger Sara Bibel has revealed some interesting insights into the management style of ousted CBS daytime executive Barbara Bloom, alleging the former Port Charles head writer had an "aggressive, hands-on management style" that was the opposite of Lucy Johnson, whom she replaced.


Bloom not only gave input into longterm storylines, but gave extensive notes on every single outline and script — a practice that had long been in place at her former employer, ABC. During her tenure, television’s two longest running scripted dramas “Guiding Light” and “As the World Turns” were canceled.

Sounds like a micromanager to me! Maybe we've been a bit too harsh on Maria Arena Bell and the leadership at the now defunct P&G soaps? I can't imagine trying to turn out quality television with some wannabe attempting to live out her Irna Phillips fantasies looking over my shoulder. At least I only do it on this blog, well and occasionally Twitter

I guess the next couple of months onscreen for The Young and the Restless will tell the tale. If the show is still divided between spurts of brilliance and stretches of insanity, we'll know who to blame, but if it becomes a more consistent vehicle, it could, in my opinion be the effect of a post-Babs Genoa City.

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