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General Hospital: Perkie' s Observations

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Maxie questions Lulu about Dante and why she ran out on him. Lulu says he was keeping secrets about Brenda and that she can no longer trust him. Maxie champions Dante’s cause, reminding Lulu that she loves him and that he acted in the heat of the moment. She goes to say that everyone screws up, even when they’re in love. I’ve heard this speech from Maxie before, only it had the names Robin and Patrick. Maxie asks if Dante is currently cheating on her, but Lulu feels he’s still hung up on Brenda. Lulu feels it’s too late for forgiveness.


Michael finds Dante moping and Dante lets him know that Lulu knows what happened in the past and she thinks he still has feelings for Brenda. Dante insists he doesn’t and that he loves Lulu. Dante realizes that it was wrong to keep the secret, but he promised Brenda and wants to attempt to get Lulu back. He swears he’ll never give up on Lulu.

Lulu arrives in time to hear that comment but wonders if it’s her or Brenda he won’t give up on. Dante insists he loves Lulu. She says they’re done, that he could have trusted her with his secret, gets her stuff and leaves.

Sam stops by her mother’s house and finds Molly, home from school, looking up bipolar disorder on her laptop. Molly questions Sam about whether she ever worried about the baby she and Sonny were to have would have been bipolar. Sam says Sonny hadn’t been diagnosed yet, but she would have loved her baby no matter what.

Sonny dreams about losing Brenda on their wedding day again, and when Brenda comes into the room, Sonny accidentally pulls a gun on her. Sonny brings up postponing again, and Brenda turns down the idea once again. They small talk about the wedding, how she found a dress, the food and Brenda says she’s supposed to meet with the wedding planner.

Robin complains to someone on the phone about cutbacks in the Aids department. Carol, the wedding planner shows up, getting in Robin’s face. Robin shows up at the penthouse to meet with Brenda and complains about Carol. They make small talk about Sonny and Stone and Robin warns her to always be honest and communicate with Sonny. Carol bursts in, and snarks out Robin’s lack of coloring and wonders if Brenda has better=looking friends to be her maid of honor. Brenda claims she’s the boss and fires Carol, who dismisses her and leaves.

Nikolas asks Brook Lynn to fly to Manhattan with him for a real date. She agrees and they kiss. When Nik leaves to make arrangements, Liz arrives and she and Brooke go at it again. Brook wonders if she’s going to use Aiden to get at Nikolas, but that he’s busy tonight. Liz says Nik is lonely and Brook is taking advantage. Brooke claims Liz is trying to find a man to save her. Liz calls Brook a glorified hooker, and is surprised when Brook admits that she and Nik haven’t had sex yet.

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Nik returns, surprised to see Liz, but Brook mentions them going to Manhattan, so Liz decides to leave. Before leaving, Liz drops the snippet that she’s taking Aiden to the doctor for a possible ear infection, so Nikolas decides to go with her.

Lisa wonders if Terrell is making progress with Robin, but he’s not divulging any information and jumps to Robin’s defense when Lisa snarks her out, which does not make Lisa happy. Terrell insists he’ll do this his way. Robin finds out that Terrell is volunteering his services in the Aids wing and she’s impressed with him.

Claire shows up at Sonny’s to get him to sign some contract and he wonders why she came personally, rather than send a minion. She says she wants to prove that she can handle hanging around Sonny, now that they’re no longer together. Sonny mentions there’s still a threat against Brenda and he thinks they should postpone the wedding, but also feels they waited too long to be together.

Diane discusses Claire with Theo, letting him know Claire’s history with Sonny and how she’s behaving like a lovesick puppy around him.

Theo shows up at Sonny’s office and tells him he’s thinking of having a second attorney be co-council to help him. Sonny offers up Diane, but Theo wants Claire, because she’ll play nicer to the jury. Sonny tells him to ask Claire and let her make the decision.

Sonny phones the rehab place and discusses Mike. Molly shows up and Sonny tries to blow her off, until she tells him she’s doing research about bipolar disorder. Molly wants to know the signs and symptoms of the disorder. Sonny tells her what he experienced and that deep down he always knew something was wrong.

The Balkan is on the phone asking someone if they would be willing to abduct a bride on her wedding day.

Dante stops by Brenda’s to cry on her shoulder about his break up with Lulu. She asks if he wants her to fix it with Lulu, but Dante wants her to postpone the wedding.