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One Life to Live Recap: Famous Monsters

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Bo: You know, I was out here with Matthew the day that we buried Pa. I told my son that when you and I were little kids, we used to fight over who got to wear Pa’s hat. And I don’t know who this belongs to now, but it sure as hell ain’t you. It never will be.

In the stables, Clint wonders why his “little brother” has pulled a gun on him. Bo insists Clint is no brother of his. Bo asks if Clint forced Inez to come between Bo and Nora as a means of getting even. “You’re damn right, I did.”

At the courthouse, John bumps into Nora, who just left a message for Bo, begging him not to do anything crazy. John updates Nora on Marty, and Nora feels like a bad friend. Nora informs John that Inez is in custody, and Bo suspects Clint of masterminding all of their issues. Bo left on a mission, and Nora is beyond worried. John thinks he and Nora should “go find the boss.”

Bo wooed Nora away and humiliated Clint, and Clint wanted revenge. Payback’s a bitch, but it was all for nothing. When Bo paints Inez as a victim, Clint quickly points out that Inez was an eager participant, and drugging Bo was her idea. Bo is disgusted that Clint poisoned Matthew’s mind, but Clint wanted Matthew to see Bo and Nora for who they are: “cheating hypocrites,” who deserve what they get. Bo is enraged; Nora didn’t deserve to almost get raped!

Clint begins to walk away, but Bo kicks out Clint’s knees, sending him tumbling to the ground. Clint used to love Nora, and what kind of man, “what kind of Buchanan,” would do that to her? Clint just did what Asa would have. Bo reminds Clint that Asa could be awful, but he did have a heart buried deep within that kept him in check. Clint is nothing, no longer a member of the family. Clint goads Bo to pull the trigger.

Bo takes aim. Nora and John race in and Nora begs Bo to not shoot. Clint tried and failed to destroy them, but if Bo pulls the trigger, Clint will win because Bo will go to jail. Nora loves Bo too much to let that happen. She promises they will bring down Clint together. Bo holsters his weapon, and asks John to keep silent, and John readily agrees.

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Bo promises to arrest Clint, but when Clint taunts that Bo and Nora have no proof, Nora is horrified by Clint’s coldness. Bo picks up Asa’s hat, telling Clint that he doesn’t deserve to have it. Bo takes Nora’s outstretched hand, kisses it, and they leave Clint alone in the stables.

Vimal is in Clint’s office, preparing his resignation letter and wishing Clint well in his “future paternity test-changing endeavors,” when his wife, Rama, arrives. Vimal admits everything, and reveals that he got confused in the hospital lab and flipped a coin to determine which daughter’s test to change. When Vimal fears that “death itself is after me in the form of Mr. Buchanan,” Rama promises that Clint is too busy juggling all of his secrets to target Vimal.

Kelly harasses Ford for information. Ford saw Aubrey with Cutter in Venice, but he can’t say whether they seemed like siblings or lovers. Ford wants to know why Kelly treats him badly. It’s because of Jessica and Langston. Ford wants to lay certain issues to rest and not treat each other like enemies; Kelly will try. Ford has an appointment with his doctor, and Kelly encourages Ford to name his original assailant.

At the hospital, Natalie and Rex bring Gigi up to speed on Marty, but when Jessica arrives, Rex and Gigi clear out. Jess expresses her sympathy for Marty, and also reveals that Brody already wants another baby. Joey arrives. He fell in love at first sight with the “Buchanan boys,” but he can’t believe how alike they look.

In the hall, Cutter and Aubrey accuse each other of being jealous, but Aubrey explodes when Cutter reveals that his mystery woman is Kelly. As Aubrey orders Cutter to stay away from Kelly, Joey interrupts. Aubrey claims it was just a disagreement.

Joey introduces Cutter, who flatters both Jess and Nat until Natalie mentions her fiancé. Cutter is unnerved that there are so many cops in the family. Brody arrives, and is certain Cutter looks familiar. Cutter leaves, and Aubrey follows.

Kelly calls Aubrey to apologize, and she asks that they lay certain issues to rest and not treat each other like enemies. Kelly hangs up, and Aubrey tells Cutter that Kelly is up to something.

Outside the nursery, Gigi tells Rex that they have to be careful with Natalie’s secrets. Rex wonders if Brody doesn’t deserve the truth. Rex and Gigi both admit to wanting more children, but their current focus is Shane, and Gigi worries he’s growing distant. They go home.

Vimal feels badly that one man isn’t a father (shot of John, Natalie, and the baby) while another is and doesn’t know it (shot of Brody, Jessica, and the baby, with Ford watching through the nursery window). Rama thinks that they should let the situation play out, and she and Vimal can “reap the spoils” when Clint is brought down.