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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Y&R's Aunt Liv Shows Up For a Wedding!

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Nick is cautioned once again about his cigar smoking. La Forrester tries another way to get through to Nick.

Justin/Donna:  The high school sweethearts finally say I do. Justin's cousin Olivia is at the event. Meanwhile, the Logan sisters think about their deceased family members Storm and Beth.

Amber/Oliver/Hope: Ms. Moore keeps insisting she's having Liam's baby when grilled by Hope. Amber also continues to lie to Oliver about him not being the father. Mr. Jones tells Amber to keep mum about their bedroom antics.

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Thomas/Brooke/Ridge: Katie tells Brooke she must withdraw herself from the Taboo campaign when she learns about Thomas smooching Brooke. Thomas fills his dad in on his lady love, and Ridge is hell bent on finding out who she is.

Stephen/Pam: Brooke's pop and Stephanie's wacky kid sis stun everyone when they announce they're engaged. Look for the Logan gals, especially the late Beth's baby girl Katie, to be livid.