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Wishful Casting: Melissa Claire Egan as Princess Greta on Days of Our Lives

I know a lot of you have been clamoring for a Wishful Casting for our darling Rebecca Herbst (soon-to-be ex-Liz, General Hospital). Don't worry, it's coming, however, while obsessively applying hand sanitizer just now, the muses caused a truly truly, truly outrageous Wishful Casting to pop in my head for exiting All My Children juggernaut Melissa Claire Egan.  I want to see the beauty join Days of Our Lives as once-virginal royal, Princess Greta Von Amberg!

When we last saw Greta (then played by Julianne Morris), she was leaving Salem after finding out Jack (Matthew Ashford) was only pretending to be gay. She also finally discovered her true paternity, of which she never revealed to the audience. What if Greta was yet another offspring of Stefano DiMera (Joe Mascolo) after all?


We all know what happens to people once they learn Stefano is their pappy; they go bat poop crazy and start stealing babies and mess. Remember Lexie's (Renee Jones) drive down weirdo street? Egan has already proven she can go from sweet to cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs in the time it takes to turn up your remote control so you can hear her antics better. I say she'd fit right in with brothers EJ (James Scott), Chad (Casey Deidrick) and big, black sister Lexie across the DiMera dining room table. Oh wait...they don't have a dining room table. Anyhoo, you get my drift!

I don't think Greta would be too pleased to see her new brother EJ involved with Nicole (Arianne Zucker)—the bitch who slept with Greta's first love Eric Brady (Jensen Ackles). Maybe Greta can share her concerns with Eric's kid stepbrother Brady (Eric Martsolf), leading to some chem-testing, just in time for Eric himself to return home (Dax Griffin? Thad Luckinbill? Rib Hillis?)

Or maybe the princess is suffering from some fatal malady that only Dr. Jonas (Shawn Christian) and his hairy chest can cure? What, never heard of "hair of the dog"? Then there's always Rafe (Galen Gering). How would Sami (Alison Sweeney) react to seeing her beloved have to save the princess (Super Mario reference) from one foreign or domestic threat after another? I could so see Ejami teaming up to put a stop to that madness.  Who's with me?

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