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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Molly wonders how old Sonny was when he realized something was wrong. Sonny questions whether Molly thinks she’s bipolar, but she says she’s just doing a paper for school on mood disorder and the fact that it’s hereditary. Sonny tells her he’ll always be there if she needs him and that nowadays people with the disorder can function with medication. Talk turns to the wedding and Molly feels it’s very romantic for BreSon to finally get together after so many obstacles.


Dante wants Brenda to postpone the wedding because he’s worried Sonny will hurt her, but she assures him she doesn’t need protection from Sonny. Brenda asks him if he wants her to talk to Lulu and if Lulu knows about the baby.  Dante assures her that he’s following her lead and would never say anything.  Brenda feels it all should be left in the past.

Robin continues to gush over Terrell’s involvement with the AIDS wing. Lisa pushes Patrick’s buttons by pointing it out to him, even though he claims she can’t make him jealous. Matt shows up and Patrick admits to his brother that Terrell annoys him.

Liz claims she wants Aiden checked out since he’s not sleeping, but Brook reminds her that babies need a routine and she shouldn’t be using him as a tool to get to Nikolas. She feels Liz is just trying to ruin Brik’s date, but Nikolas feels his son comes first and leaves with Elizabeth.

Terrell examines Aiden, who doesn’t have an ear infection, but does have a tooth coming in. Liz apologizes to Nikolas for making such a big deal and for coming out to Wyndemere unannounced, but Nik assures her she doesn’t need a reason to come by. Liz asks him to come home with her and tuck Aiden into bed.

Nik gets back to Wyndemere and lets Brook know that Aiden is fine. He admits that she might be right about Liz wanting to pull them apart and is sorry for doubting her.

Patrick meets Matt at the bar, who tells him he can’t force Robin into staying in the marriage. Robin and Terrell are playing darts and having fun.

Claire meets with Carly, regarding some trust papers for the boys. Carly is surprised but happy to find that Claire is now working with Diane for Sonny. Carly figures Sonny will need someone to land on when he crashes with Brenda and now that Claire is on their side, she’s a perfect candidate.

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Lucky’s trying to get somewhere with Siobhan, who isn’t interested. He tells her the danger is still there and she’s important to him and wants her safe. Siobhan claims she can take care of herself and storms off after getting a call.

Maxie wonders why Lulu forgave Dante the last time he lied, but she says it was about his job, which is different than about Brenda. Maxie says that all the men in town are falling for Brenda and Lulu needs to follow Sam’s example and treat her as a temporary problem. Maxie feels Dante has a hero complex and needs to save Brenda.

Brenda shows up to talk to Lulu and apologizes for getting between her and Dante. She asks Lulu not to punish him for protecting her (Brenda). Lulu tells Brenda to mind her own business and she’s angry that Brenda put Dante in a position to lose his badge and everything. Brenda wonders what she can do to make things right. Brenda advises Lulu not to let Dante go because he’s a good man, but Lulu’s had enough and tells her to leave.

Dante and Lucky hang out, discussing their women issues, and Lucky is surprised to hear that Lulu dumped him. Dante feels there were too many lies, but Lucky feels Lulu is safer not knowing any of the Balkan stuff. Lucky feels Dante isn’t lying just being protective. Lucky explains how Lulu doesn’t want to get hurt, but that Dante has to take chances and show her why he’s worth the risk.

Lucky bumps into an absent-minded Molly wondering the streets and after some small talk about Siobhan, they head off in different directions. Molly hears a car screeching and has a flashback of the bus accident.

Siobhan meets with the Balkan’s thug, who hands her a phone, where she talks to a freaked out Meghan. The goon takes the phone and Siobhan fights him for it, until Lucky shows up. The goon takes off and Siobhan stops Lucky from going after him.

Claire meets with Sonny, who asks her if she’d be willing to be Theo’s co-council, since Brenda and Dante are in serious trouble. Claire accepts the position as her wedding present to them. Brenda stops by and they small talk before Claire leaves. Sonny tells Brenda he has to take Mike to rehab, but wants her to stay behind and continue planning the wedding.

Diane brings Carly a notarized legal document declaring that Dante gave up parental rights and Carly is as giddy as a kid in a candy store on allowance day! Carly declares she’s going to spill the beans on the wedding day, and Diane wonders why she would wait. Carly figures it will hurt no matter when Sonny hears it and she wants Dante and Brenda to get the maximum punishment. She swears Diane to secrecy and Diane tells her to prepare for the fall out.

Dante approaches Carly, claims to know what document she is holding, and tells her not to use it.