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One Life to Live Recap: Private Investigations

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Tomas: It’s you!

In Paris, Blair and Cristian have had no luck finding the artist, but Blair assures Cris that she’s not ready to give up. A man looks at Blair and pulls out a photograph of the painting. He approaches, revealing that he saw an online posting, thanks to Cristian. He is the gallery owner who sold the painting to Eli. Blair appeals to him, and he gives her the artist’s address.

Layla arrives, and Cristian is concerned about Blair going alone to see the artist, but Blair insists Cris and Layla need time to settle their issues. Alone, Cristian admits to Layla how he spent New Year’s Eve with Blair, but he promises that he was faithful. Layla, on the other hand, slept with Steffen. Blair arrives at the artist’s apartment, and bangs on the door. He throws it open, shocked to see the woman from the painting.

Clint sits in his office, reading a headline regarding Inez’s incarceration. Viki arrives, and is taken aback at Clint’s crabbiness. Viki asks Clint to co-host a christening, and Clint lights up. He informs Viki that he set up a trust fund for the boys. He wants his affairs in order, and Viki wonders if Clint is ill. He’s hoping for the best, but planning for the worst.

In matching jail cells, Inez and Nate brainstorm about who framed them and who was the actual target. Inez is touched that Nate wanted to protect her, but giving up his life for anyone is wrong.

Bo and Nora snuggle on the couch, toasting with orange juice to being reunited. Nora asks that they make a promise to each other: they will never let anything pull them apart again. Matthew enters as Bo and Nora are kissing, and he demands to know why Bo is there.

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Bo and Nora explain that what Matthew saw was a misunderstanding, but they refuse to give him details. They ask Matthew to trust them, but Matthew is irate when Bo insists that Matthew’s internship is terminated. Bo asks if Clint told Matthew that Bo and Nora were cheating, and when Matthew answers in the affirmative, Nora is upset that Clint told Matthew something that was “vicious and untrue.” Matthew doesn’t understand, and he storms out.

They vow to tell Matthew everything once they gather the necessary evidence, but they can’t risk Matthew alerting Clint in the meantime. Bo still can’t believe that Clint sent a “thug” after Nora, and while Nora insists that they did hurt Clint, it doesn’t justify Clint’s actions. Bo has an idea.

Bo visits Inez in jail. She’s certain that Clint planted the murder weapon in her apartment, but she can’t prove it. Bo can send her to prison for drugging him, but he won’t if she helps Bo.

Viki visits Nora, worried when she learned Nora called in to work. Nora gushes that Bo moved home, and Viki is thrilled. Viki shows Nora pictures of her new grandsons, and reveals that Clint has already set up a trust. Nora grows quiet, and Viki calls her on it. Nora says she’s just tired because she and Bo didn’t sleep much, if Viki catches her drift. Viki laughs. Viki is happy for Nora and Bo, and Nora promises that no one will ever come between them again.

At the diner, Todd, Tea, Starr, and Dani discuss Nate’s case, and how he’ll still be upset if Inez is the next to stand accused. James and Michelle arrive, and there’s an awkward moment when James sees Starr. James walks over and thanks Tea for her help with his family. Tea and Dani leave when Tea is called to the courthouse.

In court, all charges against Nate are vacated. Nate asks Tea to help his mom. When they return to the jail, they discover that Inez is gone.

Todd tells Starr about Marty, laughing about her predicament, but Starr is sympathetic. Todd advises Starr to live her life and not waste her energy on Cole. She walks away as James approaches, accusing Todd of hurting Starr. Todd advises James to get rid of the new girlfriend, and when Starr returns, Todd encourages Starr and James to admit that they want each other.

Matthew storms into Clint’s office, accusing Clint of lying about Bo and Nora cheating simply to divert Matthew’s attention away from Rex’s paternity. Bo and Nora want Matthew out of B.E., but Matthew is torn because Clint has done a lot for him. Clint advises Matthew on how to handle Bo and Nora. Later, Clint looks up from his desk when Inez walks in. Why isn’t she in jail?

Matthew returns home. Nora thought he’d be in school, but he didn’t go. He went to B.E. to quit in person because he owed Clint that much. Nora is concerned.