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One Life to Live Spoilers: Color Blair Surprised!

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Secrets revealed, a new character and a confession rock the city of Llanview. I hope everyone is ready for all the juciy spoilers for the week of January 24.

Tomas seems to know Blair, which will color her surprised. He will admit to Blair that he painted her portrait from a picture. Blair will be floored when Tomas shows he the picture of the portrait that he stumbled upon by accident. Tomas hopes that Blair goes on a new adventure to find happiness in the near future. Blair will give the painting back to Tomas in exchange for the picture. Todd and Tea are going to put together a wedding photo album and will find old pictures of Todd and Blair's gold balloon wedding in the album. They will be curious when one of the photos is missing. Todd is going to give the photo album back to Blair, and she will tell him about her Paris adventure. Todd will find it very odd that the picture ended up in Paris. In Paris, Tomas will get Blair's address and think about going to see her. How did Tomas get his hands on Blair's picture?

When Todd tells Starr to be with James, she will be stunned. Also, Starr won't like when Michelle tries to get her to go to the Valentine's dance. Will Starr ever tell James how she feels about him?

Inez is going to wear a wire to try to get Clint to admit to Eddie's murder. However, Clint will quickly see through her and he vows to get revenge on her. Nora will pay Clint a visit and tell him a piece of her mind. After Nora finishes, a feeling of worry will come over Clint. Bo and Nora will do everything in their power to connect Eddie's gun to Clint. Bo and John will brainstorm together and figure out that whoever murdered Eddie must have possession of the $50,000. Who killed Eddie Ford?

Ford and James will lose their good luck. Ford loses his job and James' grant is revoked because Clint wants to make Inez pay for double-crossing him. Clint plans to make sure Ford will go down for good by making it look like Ford killed Eddie. Ford is going to tell Bo and John the truth about everything that has happened with Clint. Bo will ask Ford about $50,000 found in his office, but Ford will plead his innocence to Bo. Bo believes Ford and will confront Clint about Ford's confession. Will Ford be able to combat Clint's conniving ways?

Cristian/Layla/Bitchy Bangs:
Cristian will be shocked and upset to find out Layla had sex with her boss Steffen. Instead of fighting, the two will decide to end their relationship amicably and share a bittersweet goodbye. A little later, Bitchy Bangs will appear and console Cristian. Is Bitchy Bangs trying to put the moves on Cristian?

Kelly/Aubrey/Joey/Cutter: Dorian will inform Kelly of Ford's past with Aubrey. Instead of telling Joey again, Kelly is going to date Cutter to get some inside information about Aubrey. Speaking of Aubrey, she will advise Cutter that marrying Joey will make it much easier to get Joey and his family’s money. Cutter is going to confront Aubrey about her feelings for Joey possibly being real. Aubrey will assure him otherwise. Joey will even offer to get Cutter a job at BE. Aubrey will bump into her old friend, Rama, and manages to get her to spill the beans about everything Vimal did for Clint.

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Meanwhile, Cutter will bust Kelly looking through his things in his room, while she thought he was taking a shower. Kelly and Cutter plan to go out on a dinner date, soon. Clint will give Joey two options when it comes to Aubrey; sign a pre-nuptial agreement or he will be completely disowned. Joey is going to tell Aubrey about what happened with his father, and Aubrey will take action. Aubrey is going to have it out with Clint for disowning Joey. She will give him an ultimatum stating that he will continue to have Joey as his son or she will expose all of his DNA lies to everyone. Joey returns to Aubrey's hotel room and will tell Cutter that he can't get him a job because he's been disowned. Aubrey returns and Cutter will want to speak with her privately. Joey leaves and Cutter will freak out about Joey not having any more money. Aubrey lets him know her plan about Clint and that everything will be all right. Clint won't be fazed by Aubrey's threats and she plans to tell everyone about Clint's deceptions at Natalie and Jessica's babies christening. Will Aubrey have the guts to expose Clint's DNA game with everyone?

Natalie and Jessica will accidentally chose the same name for their sons (Side Note: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little). Jessica and Brody will ask Joey and Kelly to be their son's godparents. John and Natalie will ask Gigi and Rex to be their son's godparents. Jessica and Natalie are going to have their children christened on the same day. The day of the christening will go down hill when Aubrey interrupts the ceremony. When will we find out who the true father's are for each child?

Viki/Dorian/Echo: Dorian and Viki will continue their vendetta to get Echo out of their lives. Echo is going to post a picture of Dorian in disguise at the AA on her Myface page, hinting that Dorian has something to hide. Echo will visit Dorian and let her know that if she doesn't stop going after her, things will get ugly. Echo's threat will only make Dorian push harder to find out if Echo is lying about Rex's father.

Meanwhile, Viki will be telling Echo and Charlie that she doesn't want Echo anywhere near the christening. Dorian will call Rex over to La Boulaie and ask him to investigate Clint. When Rex wants to know why, Dorian will hesitate to give him an answer. When Dorian finally blurts out that she thinks Clint switched the DNA tests and Clint is really Rex's father, Rex will be shocked. Later on, Dorian's theory on the DNA test will get to Rex and he will seriously consider having another DNA test. Echo is going to take advantage of a situation to get close to Charlie. After that, Echo will find several cyberbulling messages on Shane's Myface page. How far will Dorian go to bury Echo?

Rex/Gigi/Shane: Rex and Gigi will receive a letter from Shane's school stating that he's been skipping classes. Soon after, a mean spirited message will appear on Shane's Myface page. Who is bullying Shane?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (January 31st aka My Birthday!):

  • Clint puts a surveillance camera in Aubrey's room
  • Starr visits a completely of her mind Marty
  • Jessica, Brody, John and Natalie plan a double wedding
  • Brody tells Natalie they should tell Jessica and John they slept together
  • Rama plans Vimal's revenge on Clint
  • Starr thinks it's time to tell Cole she has to move on