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The Young and the Restless Spoilers And Feb. Sweeps Previews!

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The former high school sweethearts head to court over Faith. Sharon is booked for Skye's murder, while Nick refuses to help her. He does start to wonder if his father had anything to do with his former sister-in-law's disappearing act.  Nick asks Victor point blank if he did and the Black Knight denies it all. Adam begs Jack to help Sharon and he declines, the same with Victor. Meanwhile, Phyllis heads to jail and rubs it in Sharon's face. Victor arranges with Michael to post Sharon's bail secretly.

Deacon/Nikki: Fans missing the couple get ready because the two get closer. Neacon fans, the two will hit the sheets when they return onscreen! So much for that 4-month rule...

Sofia: The exec sees how cutthroat her boss Tucker is.

Colin/Jill: The Aussie pops the question to Jill and she accepts and decides to throw an engagement party. Katherine finds out and pleads with Jill not to go through with it and reveals Colin's past. Jill doesn't care what Kay tells her and feels Colin is perfect for her. Colin wants to elope with Jill and she agrees wholeheartedly with his idea.

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Blake: He starts to spiral out of control.

Feb Sweeps

Deacon/Nikki: Love is in the air for these two. Fans already know Deacon's original romance of Nikki was not on the up and up, but things have changed. Deacon is falling hard for the Genoa City socialite and vice versa. The two will decide to go forward and public with their relationship, on Valentine's Day no less! Tango anyone? Watch for Nikki's family and friends to be against her new found relationship with the bartender, but she won't give a flying fig. Victor will not be amused to see his ex's dalliance with Mr. Sharpe and is hell bent on busting up the two.

Victor/Diane/Nick: Ms. Jenkins' fling with Nick is starting to turn into love. Nick is still gun shy with the romance, due to who Diane is and the luck he's had with relationships lately. Victor discovers the affair and woo's his ex as payback for Nick! Valentine's Day is also going to play a pivotal role for the triangle, when Victor decides to mark his territory. Nick and Diane are clueless that Victor knows all about their relationship and this bit of information will be key. Diane will be in a bit of a dilemma when she has to pick between love and money.

Jana/Kevin/Chloe: Lovebirds Kevin and Chloe have another obstacle, Jana. Ms. Hawkes is not giving up her quest to reclaim her ex husband. Katherine and Gloria will be all for Kev and Chloe, so pay attention to the plans the two women have to keep Jana from getting her way.

Cane/Lily: Hurricane Ashby decides to spill all to Lily, Jill and Kay regarding his checkered past. Will Cane and Lily's marriage last for yet another one of his lies?