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Days of Our Lives Spoliers And Feb. Sweeps Details!

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Nicole's baby sister hits town and the older sibling is suspicious. Abe begs for Taylor to say in town and she agrees. Taylor and little Theo get close.

Victor: The Kiriakis patriarch winds up in a jam.

Daniel/Melanie: The two try to save Jennifer after her heart is removed! Mel is happy at the skills Daniel has in the operating room.

Chad: The newest DiMera is let down when he goes to see Stefano.

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Carly: Dr. Manning watches a tender moment involving Bo and Hope. Carly decides to break up with Bo, knowing his heart is will always belong to Hope.

He begs Melanie to give their love a chance.

Kate: She gets a chance to whisk baby Parker away from Chloe.

Feb Sweeps

Carly/Bo/Hope: Bo figures out he wants to be with Hope and calls off his relationship with Carly. Bo and Hope work through their issues and get back together. Look for Hope to give up her job on the police force, but Fancy Face craves to have some purpose in her life. Will this latest problem throw another roadblock in the couple's lives?

Rafe/Sami/EJ/Stefano: The DiMera's snatch Rafe and replace him with a twin (Yes, they did) in order to make Sami and her children shun him. Their plan isn't really up to snuff since the fake Rafe isn't ready to take on the job at hand. The real Rafe is hidden away in the DiMera basement and is desperate to get back to Sami. Sami starts to wonder what is going on with "Rafe" and begins to doubt her relationship with him.

Dr. Jonas saves Jen's life. The two become closer due to this and their failed marriages.

Taylor/EJ/Nicole: Baby sister is back and wants to build a relationship with Nicole, who is a bit skeptical. She wonders what exactly she is up to. Meanwhile, EJ is captivated by Taylor, but is clueless to her relationship with Nicole until she walks down the aisle at his wedding! Watch for sparks to fly with these two, while Nicole is kept in the dark.

While Victor is busy wowing Maggie, Brady decides to steal Titan from his grandfather! His excuse: Vivian. Brady thinks Vivian will always worm her way into Victor's life and wants to keep the family biz away from Victor.

Stephanie/Nathan/Melanie/Philip/Chloe/Kate: Tragedy strikes Melanie, while Chloe is in her own type of hell. The songbird has a severe case of postpartum depression resulting in a dangerous situation for her and baby Parker. Kate uses this as an opportunity to get her grandson away from Chloe. Nathan and Stephanie still have unfinished business.

Will/Gabi/Chad/Abby: When Abby hits Salem, she and Chad will be drawn together. A love affair is on the horizon for them, as well as Will and Gabi.