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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante thinks Carly’s form is about to petition the court to get custody of Michael back. He feels she doesn’t need to interfere, since Michael’s been doing pretty good lately. Carly questions that and wonders where he was while Michael was dating Abby. She lets him know that she’s aware of what happened in 2007 and feels he’s the worst hypocrite. Dante admits that Lulu feels the same, since she broke up with him. Carly’s surprised that Lulu finally saw the light and again, wonders where Dante’s compassion for Michael was. Dante insists he told the truth to spare Michael feeling guilt after the fact. Carly feels Dante deserves whatever he has coming to him.

Michael shows up at the penthouse and Jason tries to get him to talk about Pentonville. Michael claims he still has nightmares and Jason promises that every day he gets closer to healing. Michael feels he can only get help from Jason or Abby and that he told his mother to back off. He feels he can’t explain anything to Carly or Kristina who continues to push him towards girls their age. Jason tells him to set boundaries with both his mother and his sister, that they’re only trying to help him out of love. Micheal feels that even though Kristina went through the abuse from Keifer, the situation is different than Pentonville, because she wasn’t locked in and could have gotten help any time. Michael feels it was different with Abby, that she accepted him good or bad but feels helpless now that he’s never going to see her again.


Molly’s upset by the car accident. A man introduces himself as Shawn and offers to listen. She feels she’s bipolar and goes through all of her symptoms. Shawn tells her about his experiences in the war and that he had a similar experience when he returned and that it was post traumatic stress disorder. Shawn suggests getting a medical opinion.

Shawn’s symptoms are similar enough for Molly to start to believe that she also has PTSD. Carly arrives, concerned to see Molly talking to a stranger. Shawn explains he’s ex marine, now working security. Carly thanks him for helping out Molly.

Lucky wonders why Siobhan stopped him from chasing after the goon. She says she was trying to save his life, but he reminds her that he’s a cop with a gun that he knows how to use. He wonders what she’s not telling him. He thinks she didn’t want to break up with him, that she’s started to fall for him and reaches out and kisses her. Siobhan gets angry and leaves.

Robin and Terrell are having fun playing darts, discussing Europe and the similar places they’ve been. Patrick feels Robin is making him jealous, but Matt feels that it’s all innocent. Matt pulls Robin away from Terrell on the pretext of asking about Maxie, but when she sees through that, he admits that Patrick is jealous. Patrick warns off Terrell, letting him know that even though he and Robin are separated they are still married. Terrell finds it funny that Patrick is marking his territory and insists that he and Robin are only friends, at this point. Robin tells Matt she’s still building a foundation with Patrick and has Emma to think about. Matt reminds her how good the holidays were and to focus on that. Matt and Terrell leave and Patrick dismissively says he’s fine she has a new friend and Robin accuses him of being jealous but that Terrell is just a friend she likes to spend time with.

Sam meets with Kelly, who tells her she’s done more research on the fertility issue and that it’s not encouraging, that the odds of carrying to term are only 50%. Which begs the question, why did she bring it up to Sam before having all the facts.

Sam goes home to Jason, who tells her about his meeting with Michael and that Michael misses Abby and with her out of the picture, will want to shut down again. He wonders if he should tell Michael that Abby lied about being a hooker or let them figure it out themselves.

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Lucky meets with Lulu at Jake’s and is surprised that she’s mad at him. While he claims he’s known Dante’s secret for months he didn’t feel it was his secret to tell (if I had a dollar for everytime someone has said that in the past month…) Lulu wonders why his loyalty wasn’t to his sister first (love Lulu, but hypocrite much). Lulu feels she can’t trust Dante anymore since he lied from day one and without trust there is no more love.

Lucky feels she’s just reacting this way because she had a front seat to his and Luke’s failed relationship and her instincts are to run. Lulu insists again, that she and Dante are done. Lucky says he’ll support her decision and will always have her back.

Michael working out his punching bag when Kristina shows up, wanting him to go skating with her and friend Chelsea. Michael is not interested and Kristina figures he’s still upset about Abby. She reminds him, in case he’s forgotten, that Abby takes her clothes off in front of men for money, while she could waitress at Kelly’s or the Metrocourt instead. Kris tells him he could go back to prison if he gets in trouble and Michael angrily tells her not to imply that he ever wants to go back. The two continue to argue before Kristina finally leaves.

Michael has a flashback of Carter in prison and then almost subconsciously hits Dante who catches him off guard. Dante offers to listen, but Michael’s tired of being psychoanalized and swears he’s got nothing to say about prison.

Carly takes Molly home and explains the situation to Alexis, who thanks her. After Carly leaves, Molly tells her mother the truth and Alexis decides they’re going to make an appointment with a therapist and take it one step at a time.

When Carly gets back to the Metrocourt, she runs into Shawn, who’s a guest at the hotel. She thanks him again, but he says he just happened to be at the right place at the right time. She offers to have his stay be complimentary and he wonders why she would be so generous with someone she doesn’t know.

Abby runs into Brandon on the street, who insists that she belongs to him, but Abby tells him she won’t be his punching bag anymore. The two continue to argue until Jason walks up and breaks it up. Brandon walks off, but listens to their conversation. She thanks Jason for the save, and Jason tells her Michael is miserable without her and feels she should tell him the truth. Brandon comes back with a gun, and warns Jason off. Oh Brandon, you are really quite the moron, aren’t you.