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One Life to Live Recap: Taken By Surprise

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Blair: My husband.


Blair is taken aback when the artist seems to know her. He pulls her inside, paranoid about owing his landlord money because he would rather buy art supplies than pay rent. Tomas admits to painting the portrait. Introductions: Tomas, and “Blair, just Blair.” She demands to know how he could paint her portrait without knowing her personally.

Tomas is deflated when Blair says her husband bought the painting, but he perks up when Blair divulges that Eli is her “late husband.” Tomas painted the portrait from a photograph, and Blair begs him to look for it. When Blair picks up a wooden box, Tomas skittishly pulls it from her hands. He finds the photo, and Blair is stunned. It’s her and Todd from their 1995 wedding.

Layla admits to sleeping with Steffen. Cristian reminds Layla that they are engaged, and Layla reveals she did it to sabotage her engagement to Cris. Layla loves Cris deeply and she’s not interested in Steffen, but she has fallen in love with her life in Paris.

She thinks neither of them are ready for marriage. Cristian says that if neither of them had been presented with their current opportunities, they’d be married now, but Layla thinks they would be miserable. They come to the bittersweet realization that their relationship is over and embrace sadly.

In Clint’s office, Inez tells Clint that she named Clint as Eddie’s murderer. Clint threatens Inez and her sons, but she tells Clint that Bo has evidence against him. Clint claims to be having nightmares because of the blood on his hands. He pulls Inez to him, and speaks directly into her chest: “Nice try, little brother.” Clint throws out Inez, but leaves her with a promise to get even.

In Bo’s office, Bo and Nora listen in on the wire. Tea knocks, and Nora steps out, where Tea yells at Nora for processing Inez without a lawyer. Nora cut Inez loose, and tells Tea that she shouldn’t “look a gift horse in the mouth.” Nora reenters Bo’s office as Clint calls Bo accusing him of sending Inez to do Bo’s dirty work. The brothers declare war on each other before hanging up. Nora comforts Bo, who is upset that Clint has become a “total stranger.”

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Nora storms into Clint’s office, insisting Clint stop feeling sorry for himself. She left him for Bo, but she didn’t cheat, and she’s done apologizing. Nora rages about Clint’s cruelty to Matthew, but she didn’t divulge that “his beloved uncle is using him.” She’s irate that Clint put Nora in a position to nearly be raped, but Clint rationalizes that that was Eddie’s idea. Nora plays her trump card: what would Viki or Clint’s children think? Nora promises that Clint will lose everyone.

Clint is now agitated, but because everyone loves and respects Clint, Nora doesn’t want to be the one to devastate them; Clint will accomplish that on his own. Before leaving, Nora makes a vow: “You know, it’s funny... I always remember you talking about protecting the family the way Asa did. Well, from now on, Bo and I will be protecting the family. We’ll be doing that. We’ll protect Asa’s family... from you!” Later, Clint stands alone in his office, the walls closing in.

Inez apologizes for failing, and Bo promises that she won’t go to jail. Bo advises Inez to avoid Clint, and he tells her to leave Bo alone as well. She’s so sorry, but Bo doesn’t want to hear it. He tells her to leave. Nora returns, and they realize that maybe Clint gave Eddie the gun and then murdered him with it.

At the diner, Price asks Shaun for a favor: encourage Destiny to give Darren another chance. Shaun admits that Destiny is stubborn, but Darren forced the issue. Outside, Destiny arrives as Price is texting Darren. Destiny decides not to stay.

Todd plays matchmaker for Starr and James. Life is short and he wants Starr to feel better. He bribes her with Reptile Round-up or a jet, but fails. Starr admits to James that she wants to be with him. James wants the same thing, but they are interrupted by a call from Cole, who is upset about Marty. James overhears Starr tell Cole she loves him.

Dani, Nate, and Tea arrive and want to celebrate. Nate tells James that he and Inez are free, but someone framed them. Tea stops Shaun from leaving because he’s “family.” They embrace. Everyone gathers around the cake as Inez arrives. Later, Todd and Tea feel badly for Starr, but when Todd is relieved that he’s no longer young and stupid, Tea tells him he’s now “old and stupid.”

Destiny drops by Matthew’s apartment, wondering why he wasn’t at B.E. Matthew resigned because his parents made him. Matthew says his parents are back together, that Bo and Inez only kissed, but Destiny wonders why Bo didn’t say that from the beginning. Matthew and Destiny agree it makes no sense. Why are Bo and Nora making Clint the bad guy?

Destiny gets a text from Dani about the party, but she worries about seeing Darren. He made things worse, while Matthew simply allowed her to vent. Matthew sends Destiny to the party, but is surprised when she returns. They share a moment and kiss.