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The Bold and the Beautiful Feb. Sweeps Spoilers!

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Bill/Amber/Liam/Hope/Brooke/Tawny: The heat is on Amber once she sticks with the lie Tawny convinces her to spin regarding Liam being the father of her baby. Bill, Liam, Hope and Brooke are hell bent on busting the two, given the Moore women's track record.

Bill is focused on proving Amber's lying and getting her away from his son, while Liam and Hope try to figure out who the real father is. Bill's friend, Dr. Montgomery, arrives in town and may derail Amber and Tawny's schemes, or will they get the upper hand on him?

 Mr. Jones has a tough decision on his hands. Hope tries to get info regarding Amber in order to keep Liam. Oliver has to figure out if he should come clean about sleeping with Amber or keep quiet to win Hope back.

Steffy: The Forrester hellcat is back from Paris and stirs up trouble once again in the family and in the business. Watch for Steffy to try and snag her own man.

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Thomas: The playboy sets his sights on someone else after Brooke shoots him down. Thomas attempts to put Ridge's advice to good use but it doesn't turn out well for him. When Thomas realizes his dream girl doesn't care about money or power, it makes him want her even more.

Justin/Donna: The high school sweethearts finally do things right the second time around and get married. Justin's cousin from Genoa City, Olivia Barber, is on hand for the nuptials.

Nick/Stephanie: La Forrester is determined to get Nick to quit smoking and gives him a shoulder to lean on. The sailor still brushes off everything and Stephanie decides to call in the big guns to make him open his eyes.