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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Shawn is suspicious of Carly’s motives in paying for his hotel accommodations, but she only wants to thank him for taking care of Molly. He tells her his back-story and says he can’t accept her offer. She thanks him again for Molly and for his military service. As Shawn is leaving, he bumps into Theo, who isn’t happy and snarks him out.


Carly calls Theo out on his rudeness, but he isn't fazed. It turns out; he’s looking for her to have her sign some trust documents for the boys. Carly says she only deals with Diane, but Theo mentions how he needs to clear his calendar since he’s defending Brenda and Dante. She makes her feelings about Brante pretty clear and claims there won’t be a wedding. Theo asks what information she has, but she just says Sonny won’t want to pay for Brante’s defense, once her truth is known. She reiterates that she will only deal with Diane.

Michael doesn’t want to confide in Dante and he wants to forget what happened. Dante apologizes for pushing too hard and talk turns to Lulu and how he can gain her trust back. Michael tells him to tell Lulu the truth.

Jason gets the gun off of Brandon and warns him to leave town, or he’ll kill him. Abby is thankful he saved her and soon talk turns to Michael. She feels it’s better if Michael believes she’s a hooker, so he’ll accept the breakup better, even though he’s the only guy she wants to be with. Jason wants her to be honest and tell the truth.

Lucky admits it’s not ok to lie, but the thing between Dante and Brenda was a long time ago. Lucky's words have no effect on Lulu as she still angry about all the lies. Lucky is sure that Dante wasn’t unfaithful, but Lulu feels Dante still has feelings for Brenda and that he’s just a good liar. Ethan arrives and thinks Lulu’s better off without Dante. Lucky admits that Siobhan is keeping her distance, which means Ethan is the only Spencer left with a relationship. Ethan wants to bail on Maya sooner rather than later, because he isn’t into commitment and feels the marriage won’t last. Lulu leaves to nurse her broken heart at home.

Maxie arrives at the bar, and asks the Spencer boys where Lulu is, as Kate is freaking out about something. While there, Maxie gets a phone call from Luke (like Luke Spencer would have Maxie’s phone number on his speed dial). Luke tells her he’s sending her a package of costume jewelry for the magazine and for her to accept them. After she gets off the phone, Lucky and Ethan let her in on the fact that Luke is actually smuggling in some diamonds under the Crimson pretext. Maxie freaks out but figures she just won’t sign for it when it comes in, but Ethan figures if she does, Luke will owe her and she can deny any knowledge of what was in the package if they get caught.

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Siobhan arrives for her shift and Lucky questions her again about the breakup. He tells her to be honest with him (apparently the theme of the day today, was honesty). She claims she doesn’t want to watch him get hurt, but he continues digging. Siobhan says she’s afraid someone will die and doesn’t want it to be him.

Molly tells Alexis the whole story and she listens. Later on, when she catches Molly researching PTSD, Alexis tells her to wait and see what the therapist has to say, but that she’ll listen and support Molly no matter what.

Jason comes home and tells Sam about the encounter with Brandon. Sam understands someone’s past showing up again and still feels that Abby is good for Michael, but Jason says he can’t tell Abby what to do. Talk turns to babies, as Sam admits that it’s been on her mind and that she’d love to have one. Jason acknowledges that you always miss what you don’t have, and that he’s glad she waited for him when he went to prison because prison is not good. Sam’s lucky for what they have.

Abby meets with Michael who tells her that her being a prostitute doesn’t change his feelings for her, that she’s smart and he still wants to be with her. Abby admits that she lied and isn’t a prostitute.  She tells Michael that she said it so he would give up on her. Michael claims he’ll work on holding his temper because she’s worth the risk and wants at least a friendship. She feels it isn’t safe for them to be together and asks him to respect her decision and let her go.

Dante shows up at Lulu’s, dressed to the nines, ready to take her to the opera. She’s not interested. He tells her he loves her and always will, but she says they’re done. She doesn’t want to always be waiting for the other shoe to drop and feels he only admits to the truth when he’s caught. She tells him there is no love without honesty and she doesn’t trust him anymore. He says he’ll answer any question she has and she asks if he loves Brenda. He admits to having feelings, but that he’s moved on and realized what real love is with Lulu, and that it was just a crush. Again, she says she can’t trust him, so he leaves, while she cries.

Shawn meets with Theo, and wonders what the set up is. Theo will hire him as an investigator, allowing them to work together without suspicion. Shawn wonders what the work entails, and Theo tells him he wants to avenge his son’s death.

Spinelli doesn’t want Carly to use the information he got for her, but she says no one will know he was involved. He wants to tell Jason, but she doesn’t want to put Jason in the position of having to spill the beans to Sonny. She refuses to let Sonny be destroyed by this information.

Michael stops by to talk to Jason and lets him know Abby isn’t a pro and that he realized, even if she was, it didn’t change his feelings for her. He still can’t see her, because Abby’s trying to protect him from himself. Michael believes it’s because of what Carter did to him in prison. Jason understands that Michael will always carry that with him, and wishes he could take Michael’s pain away. Michael feels like he’s still fighting Carter and Jason tells him to live life every day and not let it take his soul.