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One Life to Live Recap: Forget Me Nots

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Todd: What an ugly mug!

Tea sorts mail, but Todd is turned on by her “pirate shirt” and convinces her to have sex. Afterward, Tea is pleased to discover that Echo sent pictures from their October wedding reception. Todd wants to focus on lovemaking, but Tea is thrilled they’ve finally been together long enough to fill a photo album. Todd promises that Tea will be his “ball and chain” forever. Tea sees a wedding photo of Blair, and wonders why Todd still has pictures of her.

They stumble across a picture of old-Todd (Roger Howarth), and Tea is overcome. She says that old-Todd is not her Todd. Old-Todd was scarred and unable to love, whereas her Todd freely forgives and offers his heart. Todd and Tea pledge themselves to each other and make love. An open photo album lies on the floor and a photograph is suspiciously missing.

Blair tells Tomas that Todd is not the “psychotic ex” she mentioned, though she has a few. Blair demands to know how Tomas obtained the photo; he found it at a flea market. Blair gazes at the picture, musing about happier times. Tomas agrees; Blair was glowing. Tomas wanted to “capture [Blair’s] joy for all eternity,” but Blair knows time can’t be frozen. Is Blair still in love with Todd?

Blair believes that wedding was a romantic pinnacle, and they will always be connected, but Todd has moved on. Blair, on the other hand, is setting the “world record for disastrous relationships.” She believes this is a sign to move in a new direction. Blair offers a delighted Tomas the portrait in exchange for the picture. They wistfully bid each other au revoir.

At the carriage house, Shane helps Echo set up a MyFace page. Rex and Gigi return with pizza, and are greeted with attitude from Shane. Gigi sorts mail, demanding Shane explain a letter sent from school regarding cutting math class. Echo speaks up for Shane, but Gigi snaps that Echo “doesn’t know what it means to be responsible for a child’s future.” Gigi orders him to do his homework, but once online, Shane receives an unpleasant MyFace message.

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Rex invites Echo to stay for dinner and Echo asks for a rain check. Gigi is right, and Echo wishes that she had done things differently and received “sass” from Rex like Shane is dishing now. Gigi thinks an alien replaced their son, but Rex thinks it’s a phase. In his room, Shane receives message from “WhosDaMann.” He’s being cyber-bullied.

After Cutter and Aubrey have sex, Aubrey suggests that they abandon their plan. She should marry Joey, which would afford her “legal access to all his money,” but Cutter accuses her of falling for Joey. She balks, and orders Cutter to focus only on his side of the scheme.

At The Palace, Dorian receives a MyFace message from Echo, which includes a picture of Dorian donning her AA disguise. Viki arrives and Dorian says that Echo is onto her. Viki’s disapproving that Dorian infiltrated AA, which is exactly why Dorian doesn’t alert Viki before the schemes occur. Joey and Kelly bump into each other, and Joey thanks Kelly for apologizing to Aubrey. Joey and Kelly approach Dorian and Viki, and Dorian and Joe share a tender moment.

Joey tells Viki that Kelly is seeing someone else, but Joey doesn’t care. Viki reminds Joey that she will always worry about her children, and while Joey is passionate, he’s also impulsive. Joey insists he now has everything he wants. Aubrey arrives, blaming Cutter for being late.

Dorian and Kelly discuss Aubrey and Ford, and Dorian informs her that Aubrey dropped Ford upon learning he was penniless. Kelly wants to tell Joey, but Dorian has a better idea. Kelly tells Dorian about Cutter’s advances, and Dorian is certain that Cutter was distracting Kelly. She encourages Kelly to ”fight fire with fire.” Aubrey arrives, and Kelly loses her appetite.

Viki thinks the family is currently blessed. Joey asks Viki to hire him as a photographer at The Banner, and she readily agrees. Viki steps away, and Aubrey tells Joey that if Cutter stays in Llanview, he’ll need a distraction. She wonders if Clint will hire Cutter at B.E., and despite the issues, Joey will ask.

Dorian calls Bitchy Bangs in Paris and asks her to obtain a yearbook from Kelly’s boarding school. Echo arrives and blackmails Dorian. Echo promises to fight for her family, and Viki thinks that sounds like a threat. Viki apologizes for making Dorian a target and thinks they should let this go. Alone, Dorian vows otherwise. Rex is shocked when Dorian calls to hire him.

In Cutter’s room, Kelly hits on Cutter. He removes his shirt, but Kelly was thinking dinner. They kiss, and Kelly coos that Cutter should call her tomorrow regarding their date.