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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Olivia’s being released from the hospital and Dante arrives to drive her home. She notices something’s wrong and is surprised to hear that Lulu dumped him. Dante admits to all the lies with Brenda and Olivia acknowledges Lulu’s betrayal and tells Dante to put himself in her shoes.


Maxie’s annoyed that Lulu is too depressed to go to work. She doesn’t want to cover with Kate again and brings up Luke’s scheme, but Lulu dismisses her worries. Maxie feels if Lulu is this upset, then maybe she made the wrong decision to end things. Lulu says she can’t be with someone who’s half in love with Brenda.

Terrell gets flirty with Lisa, who reminds him he can’t have her until he’s had Robin. Robin shows up late for work, because her garage door isn’t working. Patrick offers to fix it but Robin turns him down. When Robin’s not able to find someone to fix her door for several days, Terrell offers to fix it for her. Patrick’s not happy that she wouldn’t accept his offer. Lisa's happy with Terrell's inroads with Robin. Terrell tells her he feels he has time to research how to fix a door. However, Robin asks him again, this time to fix it today.

Sam’s on the phone with Kelly, thanking her for the fertility information, as she lets herself into the penthouse. She and Jason discuss Abby and Michael and what to do. She also complains that Spinelli has been slacking off, and Jason tells her about Spin’s book. Spin comes home and Jason leaves. Spin and Sam discuss his book and the loss of Maxie.

Shawn meets with Theo about a job. Alexis and Diane show up and Theo introduces Shawn as the new security consultant and investigator. Alexis recognizes his name and explains the connection with Molly. Diane gets all hot and bothered and needs to be dragged away by Alexis.

Brooklyn meets with Tracy, who tells her to quit her job as Nikolas` companion, but Brook doesn’t want to. Tracy wonders if she’s in love with Nik, but Brook says she likes the work and living at Wyndemere and that he treats her well. Brook goes on to complain about Liz and her manipulations. Tracy reminds her that Nik is Aiden’s father. Brook says Tracy got her man, and now she wants Nik. Tracy gives her blessing but warns that if Nikolas hurts her, she will get him.

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Liz invites Nikolas for dinner with her and Aiden and he accepts. Brook arrives and asks Nik to join her for dinner. Liz offers to reschedule their night, but Nik agrees to the family dinner.

Ethan’s upset that Maya didn’t pay the down payment on an apartment and realizes that she doesn’t want to leave Edward and the mansion. Edward admits to Tracy that he’s sad that Maya is moving out, but Tracy reminds him the new couple needs their privacy. Methan show up and agree to move in. When Edward leads Ethan away, Tracy comments that Maya knew Edward would miss her. Maya admits she didn’t really want to leave.

Dante wants to drive Olivia home, but Steven has already offered. Dante gets overprotective and feels Steve is taking advantage of Olivia’s weakened state. Steve says he only wants dinner because he enjoys Olivia’s company. Olivia returns and drags Dante off to tell him to stay out of her business and to deal with his own issues. Steve gets Olivia home, and she promptly offers to cook for him. Instead, he makes her a grilled cheese and they get flirty with each other.

Diane meets with Jason to sign some papers and is angry that Max is spending all his time on Brenda duty. Jason tells her to complain to Sonny. Theo shows up and wants to discuss things with Jason, who only wants to deal with Diane. Shawn arrives and is introduced to Jason. Jason wonders why they need a new security expert, but Theo feeds him a line of bull and that he knows how to win, so Jason backs off. Shawn wants all of Jason’s knowledge about the Balkan.

Shawn beats up Johnny and leaves him with the Balkan’s message that he has been slow to do things that were requested of him. Lulu finds Johnny beaten up in the street. He asks her not to take him to the hospital, but back to his apartment. He reminds her of their time on the run, but she doesn’t miss those days. At his apartment, they find Lisa waiting for him.

Shawn returns to Theo’s office and lets him know the message to Johnny has been delivered. Theo says he’s dealing with a simple case of vengeance as Dante walks in.

Jason comes home and finds Sam’s fertility brochure and asks if she’s been thinking of having a baby.