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General Hospital Spoilers: Brenda Tells Dante Where The Baby is!


Here’s the Scoop!

Does Uncle Luke want to know what Carly has on Dante? RUMOR has it that Luke is worried about how the fallout will affect little Lulu. Can anyone get Carly to keep her trap shut?

Carly will be even more set on taking Dante down now that Michael’s secret is out. She blames Dante for Michael winding up behind bars so of course everything else is his fault too.

Brenda is going to tell Dante where the baby is! Is this when Lulu finds the two in an embrace. Where is that kid anyway? Will Sonny learn the truth? Brenda starts to tell Jason, but Sonny walks in. Maxie gets through to her friend, telling her to hear Dante out. That's when she walks in on the two.

The Wedding to end all wedding has begun filming. Nancy Lee Grahn’s boobs look amazing in her dress. Is Maxie left out of all the wedding fun?

Sam takes a pregnancy test... and I hear it comes back negative. Will Sam be relieved? That’s what she says. Jason and Sam agree kids just are not for them especially with all Michael has endured. So what about this baby story then? Have no fear JaSam fans, I will still be annoyed that Sam will have her miracle baby. RUMORS say Sam MAY still be preggers by wedding time and just not know it. Look for this to play out over a long arc.

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Aiden’s true paternity will be revealed. When? Time will tell and my Rebecca Herbst only has so much time left. Will they kill off my favorite GH character? Before all that, Elizabeth has a desperate call to Nikolas regarding their son. Brook Lynn is curious when she sees Liz slipping a lab tech some cash.

Lisa strikes again... Robin and Patrick have plans to attend an AIDS benefit together and Lisa makes sure to get in the way. Will Steve start to wonder about Dr. Niles once again?

Michael and Abby... After what happened with Abby and Brandon, Michael is able to open up about what happened with Carter. Abby is the one who gives him the courage to finally open up about what happened. While this will start Michael on his path of healing and dealing, everyone else in his life will be smacked in the face with their own guilt of how they played a part.

I mentioned Abby and Michael getting their romantic moment... Michael brings Abby home from General hospital after her attack at Brandon’s hands. He has a surprise for her though. a room at the MetroCourt.

Remember I told you that Lucky has to arrest Siobhan after setting that trap? His next move? Breaking her out! Will Lucky be telling Elizabeth he’s in love with Siobhan? It looks like Lucky is hiding Siobhan in a church. Hey, GH, it better not be THAT church!

RANDOM and CRAZY... What does Suzanne know about the baby? Carly threatens to ruin Brenda’s wedding. Robin is there for her friend. Lisa is not happy when Terrell can’t move things along with Robin. Will she slip and let it show? Mac arrests Tracy. Lucky is not having any luck with traps as he walks right into one of the Balkan’s. Shawn knocks him out, cold. Sonny has another nightmare and this time when he wakes up, his bride-to-be is gone. Steve and Olivia are smacking lips. Brook Lynn sings to Nikolas for Valentine’s Day. Is Carly wrong about Brenda and Dante? When is Carly ever right with one of her plans? Brenda is the one who tells Carly about Jax going to London to protect her from Jerry.