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One Life to Live Recap: My Old Man

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Brody: You want to name our child “Grandpa”?

Brody brings Jessica and the baby home. They’re greeted with gifts and a finished nursery from Viki, who is enamored with her new grandson, but insists he must be named. Jess opens an envelope from Clint and is touched to learn about the trust fund. Bree meets the baby, but she doesn’t think he looks like Brody. Jess and Brody give Bree a gift from her brother: a stuffed koala, which is her favorite. They ask Bree to name the baby, and she likes “Grandpa.” Jess thinks they should listen to Bree. Brody is stunned, but Jess proposes naming the baby Asa.

John brings Natalie and the baby back to his apartment, and they’re greeted with a sea of gifts from Roxy. Roxy jokes about the baby looking like Brody, but Natalie is not amused. Roxy hands Natalie a “special deliverance” envelope from Clint. Nat and John are moved by Clint’s generosity, but they’re skittish about spoiling the baby. Roxy gushes about Clint, but John is more restrained than normal, and Natalie senses a problem.

Clint hangs up with the Dean of Llanview University, when Bo arrives at Clint’s office with a warrant. Bo got it based on Inez’s statement, and he promises that Clint will pay for his crimes. Clint taunts that there’s nothing to find. Joey arrives and is shocked to walk into the brothers’ “disagreement.” Bo leaves, and Joey wonders what’s going on.

Joey is there to talk about Aubrey’s brother, and Clint is surprised. Clint promises Joey that he will support Joey’s relationship on one condition: a pre-nup. Joey thinks it’s insulting because Aubrey has her own money, but Clint thinks it shouldn’t be an issue then. Without the pre-nup, Joey will be disowned from the Buchanan fortune.

At LU, Ford worries that Langston still believes he’s guilty, but she’s just nervous that Ford will be a target again due to his lack of an alibi. James stomps over; his grant has been reallocated and he’s been given a bill for tuition. Ford will speak to the Dean, but when he does, she fires him over bad publicity regarding the Eddie case and generally being a “questionable instructor.” Langston thinks someone is out to get them; Ford knows it.

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Ford storms into Clint’s office, raging about Clint messing with his and James’ lives. Clint is amused, especially when Ford tries to threaten Clint. Clint has taken everything from Ford, and because of that, Ford has nothing left to lose. He rushes out, and Clint makes a call.

Bo arrives at John’s and is introduced to the baby. He thinks there’s “McBain hair, but a Buchanan chin.” In the hall, Bo asks John to help him bring down Clint. John asks about Clint’s petty cash flow, focusing on the missing $50,000 paid to Eddie by Ford. If they can link Clint to the cash, they can prove conspiracy at minimum, but whoever has the money is also likely the killer. John reminds Bo that Natalie and Jessica will eventually find out that their beloved father is a prime murder suspect. Ford calls John, claiming to have information about Clint.

Roxy reveals that she named Natalie after a dog. Natalie is offended, but Roxy explains that the dog was like family and even saved Roxy’s life. The dog meant the world to Roxy, and Natalie is touched. Natalie tells John that Roxy wanted to name the baby after a dog; “Is that how Rex got his name?” Roxy meant that the name should honor someone important. Natalie suggests Asa.

At The Palace, Rama spots an old friend from London: Aubrey. Rama introduces Aubrey to Vimal. Aubrey is intrigued that Vimal works for Clint. Vimal doesn’t feel well and excuses himself. Rama reveals that Vimal is a good man, but is complicit in committing a crime against Clint’s family at Clint’s behest. Aubrey reveals that she’s engaged to Clint’s son, and Rama tells all. Aubrey advises Rama to “sit tight and work it.” Joey arrives and is introduced to Rama.

By the bar, Joey tells Aubrey he’s been disowned. Armed with Rama’s information, she assures Joey that they’ll be fine. Vimal returns, clearly developing an ulcer, but Rama tells him not to worry because they are in control.

Aubrey arrives at Clint’s office, gloating about how she has had a very interesting morning. Clint is curious.

Kelly drops by Cutter’s room. She couldn’t wait for their date, so she brought him muffins. Cutter drops his towel, and he’s surprised by Kelly’s modesty, given that she used to live in Europe. He suggests they order room service. Joey stops by and is surprised to see Kelly there.

Ford is surprised to see Bo at LU. He’s wary, given that Bo is Clint’s brother, but Bo promises he’s invested in proving Clint’s guilt. Before Ford can detail Clint’s “damage,” the dean walks up and reveals something found in Ford’s former office: stacks of cash amounting to $50,000.