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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Brooke channels her inner Carly, Lucky finally buys a clue and we hit day four without Brenda and Sonny on today’s General Hospital.


Liz invites Nikolas to dinner and is happy that Nik is involved in Aiden’s life. At the house, Liz is happy that they’re putting their mistakes behind them and building a friendship. Nikolas appreciates sharing Aiden and is focusing on their future. Liz wants them all to take a trip to Greece.

Brooklyn punctures a hole in her own tire, and shows up on Liz’s doorstep, playing the victim. While she waits for the tow truck, Liz leaves to pick up Cam and Jake and Nikolas lets Brook know that he’s aware she sabotaged her own car. Brook doesn’t like Liz’s manipulations (her own however, are wonderful), feels Nik needs to be rescued and claims Nikolas was happy to see her show up.

Siobhan’s instructions from the Balkan is to find out where the BreSon’s wedding will be held. Lucky is surprised when he comes home to find Siobhan waiting for him, since he’s pretty sure she dumped him a week ago. He wonders what she knows that makes her concerned for his safety, but she claims to simply be dramatic. She wants to go to the wedding with him and wonders where it will be.

Lulu is shocked to find Lisa in Johnny’s apartment, but he quickly realizes she’s there to find the syringe. Lisa claims they have hooked up a couple of times, but when Lulu asks her to check out Johnny, Lisa gives him a fleety kiss and takes off. Lulu wonders whether Johnny was dropped on his head once too often as a child, since he’s now hanging out with a crazy lady. Johnny wonders about Dante and she admits to the break up and why. Johnny’s not that sad since he’s always felt that she deserved better than Dante. He feels Lulu is an amazing woman and doesn’t want to see her hurt. I wonder what stopped her from jumping his bones right there and then. Totally what I would have done!

Dante wonders who Shawn is and why Theo is discussing the case with him. He doesn’t understand why they need extra security once it’s explained. After Shawn leaves, Dante angrily asks Theo why he told Lulu the truth and Theo wonders why Dante didn’t. He thinks Dante is keeping other truths from him. Talk turns to Alexander and how both shootings are so similar and how the body was dumped. Dante feels Alexander was a horrible person, which makes Theo even angrier and feels it will be a problem if Brenda takes the stand. Dante tells him to make sure Brenda doesn’t. As Theo gets angrier, Dante feels Theo’s treating him like a suspect.

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Sam tells Jason that Kelly got her the information and swears she didn’t leave it out for him to see on purpose. He asks if she wants a baby, but she assures him she’s not mom material. Jason feels his life is too dangerous for a baby and Sam feels the odds are not worth the misery of attempting.

Spinelli sees Michael alone in the streets and tries to talk to him to convince him to go home, but Michael isn’t interested. Spinelli gets to the penthouse and lets Jason know about Michael. Jason finds Michael, who misses Abby. Jason feels that it’s Abby’s decision to stay away from him and he should respect her decision or just find someone else. Michael doesn’t want anyone else and Jason insists on bringing him back to Dante’s.

Terrell shows up at Robin’s with his toolbox, ready to fix her door. When he’s done, he’s managed to rewire the house and the two laugh about it. Back at the hospital, Patrick’s miserable and Lisa notices. Terrell gets back and admits that he wasn’t able to fix the door. Robin shows up, happy that Terrell gave her the name of a great handyman who fixed the door for her.

Lucky stops by the penthouse and asks Spinelli about the location of the wedding for security purposes. Spin gives the information, Archer Pavilion, despite reservations. When Jason gets back, he’s concerned when Spinelli tells him what just happened with Lucky, and heads out to see Lucky. Spinelli finds the fertility brochure and thinks Sam is already pregnant.

Lucky gets back to his place, and finds Siobhan sad. She makes up a story about her sister and weddings, and again asks about the location of the wedding. Lucky lies to her, and says it will be at St. Timothy’s. Siobhan tries to convince him not to go to the wedding, but to go find Luke, away from PC. Lucky asks her to go with him, but because of her work visa, she wouldn’t be able to get back in the country. She decides she wants to cook him a meal and heads out to get groceries.

Siobhan meets with the Balkan and gives him the St Timothy’s information. He tells her he has one more task for her and that is to help him make sure Brenda doesn’t walk down the aisle.

Jason shows up at Lucky’s and asks him why he needed the location information. Lucky claims to be worried about security, but Jason asks whom he’s protecting.