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One Life to Live Recap: Sympathy For The Devil

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Aubrey: Give Joey back his rightful inheritance, drop the pre-nup, and life goes happily on, or... Get ready to welcome Rex Balsom into the family. Think about it.

Aubrey taunts Clint that he made a “huge mistake” with the pre-nup. Clint is pleased that Aubrey is showing her true colors. Aubrey insists that she hasn’t set any traps, but Clint is about to fall victim to his own. Aubrey reveals her knowledge that Rex is Clint’s son, and she isn’t afraid to use it. Clint thinks she’s bluffing, but she promises that she can confirm everything, and Clint will go to jail. Aubrey threatens to expose Clint if he doesn’t reinstate Joey’s inheritance. As a parting shot, she also divulges her awareness of Clint’s meddling in one of his daughters’ paternity tests. Clint is shaken.

At the station, Ford insists that he’s innocent of murder and he believes the money was planted. He’s surprised when Bo believes him. Ford reveals that Clint gave him the money after Clint had his men beat up Ford. Bo asks about the reason for the beating, and Ford admits that he “slept with Jessica when she was delusional.” Ford thinks that any father would be angry over that, but Clint nearly killed Ford.

Bo will have difficulty proving everything because Clint is “good at covering his tracks” and there were no witnesses. Ford is just relieved that the baby isn’t his. Ford tries to take the money, but Bo reminds him that it’s evidence. Bo apologizes for Clint’s misdeeds and offers to call the dean on Ford’s behalf.

Bo shows up at Clint’s office and congratulates him on his attempted framing of Ford. Clint plays dumb, but Bo promises that Clint will soon slip up and everything will come crashing down. Bo leaves, but Clint is feeling the heat.

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Dorian and Rex meet at The Palace. Rex is surprised Dorian wants to hire him because Dorian hates him. She doesn’t disagree, but he’s a good investigator, and she needs Rex to investigate Clint because Clint is a liar. Throughout, Dorian and Rex are both battling their own internal monologues of truth. Dorian verbally argues with her internal monologue until she blurts that Clint is Rex’s father. Rex is adamant that Dorian is wrong. She assures Rex that Clint altered the paternity test, and she advises him to get another test done. Before leaving, Rex promises that Charlie is his father, not Clint.

At Llanfair, Echo is confiding in Charlie about her lack of confidence in her herself to stop drinking, but Charlie advises her to “fake it until you make it.” Charlie comforts her with a hug until Viki enters. Echo offers to photograph the Christening, but Viki says Joey will do it. Echo goes to get tea. Charlie understands Viki’s reservations, but he believes Echo made a sincere offer. Viki doesn’t, and Charlie accuses Viki of being “ungenerous.” Viki is livid, and she promises Charlie that people will be hurt because of Echo.

Rex arrives, and in the foyer, Echo wonders if he’s upset. Rex covers; he just wants to see his “dad.” Rex and Echo enter the library and Viki excuses herself. Rex, Echo, and Charlie drink tea and discuss Shane. Echo and Charlie are proud of Rex’s parenting skills. Echo leaves for a hair appointment. Charlie vows to spend the rest of his days being a father to Rex. Alone, Rex bags Charlie’s spoon and a piece of his own hair for testing.

Joey is angry that Kelly is having a breakfast date with Cutter. Joey’s not jealous, but Kelly is supposed to be involved with Kevin. They ask Cutter for privacy, and Kelly tells Joey that Kevin was a “failed experiment.” Joey wonders if Kelly’s “one” is still out there. Room service arrives, and Joey decides to leave. Cutter asks why he originally stopped by, and Joey reveals that Cutter won’t be hired at B.E., because he (Joey) has been disowned.

Kelly senses Cutter’s unhappiness, and Cutter asks for a raincheck. In the hall, Kelly calls Kevin to warn him about their “break-up”, should Joey ask.

Over the phone, Cutter blasts Aubrey for Joey’s disinheritance, and she yells at him for “dating Kelly.” She assures Cutter not to worry as she has dirt on Clint. At a table at The Palace, Aubrey comforts Joey, promising that Clint will change his mind.

At LU, Starr is upset to learn that James lost his grant, and with Ford losing his job, Starr doesn’t think the events are a coincidence. Michelle arrives and immediately comforts James. She tells him he has the right to a hearing, and she leaves to get him the information. James thinks he and Starr need to be honest with each other, but she just wants them to make the best of the situation. Michelle returns and Starr leaves, insisting that James is “in good hands.”