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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante runs into Lulu on the street and tries to sweet talk her into getting back together. Dante wonders about Lucky’s and Maxie’s feelings on the break up and is surprised to hear that they are on his side. He thinks she should reconsider getting back together. Lulu’s not interested in someone who still has feelings for another woman and refuses to compete.


Spinelli goes on about Sam and her abilities to be a mother, which Brenda overhears, but Sam lets him know she isn’t pregnant and won’t be having the procedure. Spinelli feels both Sam and Jason would make good parents, but Sam mentions the danger. Sam tries to get input from Brenda, because she has also chosen not to have kids. Brenda sadly says she didn’t have a choice, but adds that due to her career she was never able to have kids and has decided she won’t now, because of Sonny’s dangerous lifestyle.

After Spinelli leaves, Sam apologizes to Brenda about putting her in the spotlight about babies and admits you never get over the loss of a child. Sam leaves as Spin returns, and he discusses with Brenda the thought of JaSam wanting a baby. Brenda reminds him that it’s hard to talk about babies and that losing a baby leaves a void. Brenda insists to Spin that Sam needs time.

Lucky tells Jason they need back up security, but Jason doesn’t want any police. Lucky’s afraid someone will be killed and Jason wonders if he’s worried about Brenda or Siobhan. Eventually, he agrees to work with Lucky.

Siobhan wonders how she’s supposed to stop Brenda from attending the wedding, but the Balkan’s not in a hurry to give her details. He wants to avenge his son. He tells her he wants details of the church and warns her not to say anything to Lucky. The Balkan makes it a point to say that he’ll kill Lucky and dump the body, as a warning.

Molly stops by Michael’s and goes over her PTSD details. She lets him know that she’s now seeing a therapist and it's helping a lot. Molly feels it could be useful for Michael, as well. Michael says he doesn’t need a shrink, but Molly pushes the issue and feels talking helps and asks Michael to tell her what happened in Pentonville. Michael says he had someone to talk to and Molly realizes he means Abby. She admits she liked Abby, but Michael feels that everyone thinks she’s too old for him. Molly admits that Kristina’s friends are childish and that because of his life experiences, Michael seems more grown up and Abby’s perfect for him. She tells him that he should be with Abby, if he loves her.

Alexis pops by her office, looking for a file.  Theo asks her about Lulu and Dante’s relationship because he’s thinking of putting Lulu on the stand and is worried about her emotional state. Alexis tells him to depose Lulu to control the damage.

Lulu meets with Theo, who apologizes for spilling the beans to her, and confides that Dante was upset with him for telling her. She admits that they broke up over it. He tells her he wants to call her as a witness and that Dante needs her support. Lulu promises she won’t get upset on the stand.

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Jax returns from London with presents for Josslyn and Carly, and they make small talk about the kids. She apologizes for being so out of control about the Brenda issue before he left. He swears he’s leaving Brenda’s problems with Sonny and Jason. Carly tells him about Molly and tells Jax to give Alexis a call while she runs an errand.

Alexis comes by and Jax gives her the gift he brought for her. She wonders why they aren't still married. Their conversation turns to Carly and how it was a good thing Jax went to London, so Carly could calm down about Brenda. Jax admits he went to London for Brenda, to help Interpol access Jerry’s records and hopes Carly never finds out.

Jason meets with Dante and tells him he believes Siobhan is a traitor working for the Balkan and that Lucky is too infatuated with her to see it. Dante wants to have it out with Lucky, but Jason needs proof. Dante’s concerned for Brenda’s life.

Siobhan returns with groceries, surprised to see that Lucky got a pizza. He says he wasn’t sure she was coming back, since he never knows where he stands with her. Siobhan says she’s finally met the right guy at the wrong time. Lucky wonders what that means, but she mentions possible deportation and he questions Theo working on it for her. He asks her again to tell him what’s going on, but she makes an excuse and leaves. Lucky follows her.

Michael’s walking Molly home when they run into Abby. Molly goes on about how perfect Abby and Michael are for each other and should be together. Abby wants Michael to be with someone his own age and insits that she’s too old for him. However, Molly goes on about how love knows no age and that they shouldn’t cheat themselves and waste that love. Brandon’s in the shadows, listening to the whole exchange. Michael drags Molly off.

Carly stops by the penthouse looking for Spinelli, but finds Brenda. The two snark each other out like pros. Carly wonders what kind of color a bride wears when she’s been left at the altar once before. Brenda’s too happy to care about Carly’s snark and declares she’s in good hands with Sonny, Jason, Dante, Lucky and Jax helping her. She’s thrilled that Jax flew to London to help the investigation and that he’s still looking after her. Carly’s face falls and she looks like she just swallowed a dirty sock.

Siobhan’s taking pictures in St. Timothy’s, when Lucky catches her and tells her she’s wasting her time, since the wedding won’t be held there. He informs her that he knows she was hired by the Balkan to kidnap Brenda!

Brandon comes out of the shadows and he and Abby start fighting. She tells him they’re through, but he claims she’s his. Michael hears Abby yelling for help, but has a flashback to Carter and freezes.