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One Life to Live Recap: Toy Soldiers

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Clint: Sorry, little girl. I don’t scare that easily.

At Llanfair, Clint receives a threatening phone call from Aubrey, but Clint won’t play. Viki presents Jessica with Kevin’s Christening gown, having gifted Joey’s to Natalie. Charlie can’t attend because of a bad cold, but “Nurse Echo” promises Viki that she will care for Charlie. Clint thinks Brody is a good father, and Brody believes if he’s half as good as Clint, the baby will be lucky.

At The Palace, Cutter calls Kelly, and they decide to have dinner. In the hall, Joey is upset over Clint becoming someone Joey doesn’t recognize, but Aubrey assures him that Clint will come around. Joey loves that Aubrey always sees the good in people. He leaves as Aubrey enters Cutter’s room.

Joey and Kelly arrive at Llanfair and are surprised to discover they’ve been named co-Godparents to Jessica’s child, but Jess thinks they “work well as a team.”

Shane’s bullying continues, his asthma being the apparent root, and he fakes a fever to skip school. Rex and Gigi discuss another paternity test, and Rex really wants to avoid another “Gotcha!” moment in his parentage saga. Rex calls Charlie to watch Shane.

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At John’s hovel, Natalie asks him if he’s having second thoughts about Asa, but John is happy with the name. John isn’t happy with the trust fund, however, because he believes it’s Clint’s way of controlling others. Godparents, Rex and Gigi, arrive. John changes the baby’s diaper, but he doesn’t account for the kid’s “good aim.” Rex and Gigi quietly assure Nat that they are willing to keep their promise of secrecy. In the hall, they find keeping the baby’s paternity a secret while pursuing the truth about Rex’s ironic.

Echo arrives at the carriage house bearing soup for Charlie and Shane. Rex and Gigi return for a forgotten gift, and Charlie admits to being jealous of John and Brody’s chance to be a father from the start; Rex appreciates Charlie regardless. Charlie’s flu worsens, and Echo sends him back to Llanfair. Echo uses the laptop at the carriage house and is horrified when she stumbles across Shane’s MyFace page, overrun with cruel messages.

Cutter wants to switch focus to Kelly and go after Dorian’s money, but Aubrey refuses to start over. Cutter thinks the messenger will be shot, but Aubrey has planned an “Oscar-winning” speech to combat Joey’s potential accusations. Aubrey orders Cutter to stop dating Kelly, but once he’s alone, he makes reservations for two. Later, Cutter performs an Internet search of “Dorian Lord.”

In church, Natalie sits in a pew and asks God for forgiveness and a blessing for her child, following an apology for telling a “lie out of love.” The crowd gathers and the priest asks for the names, and in unison, Jess and Nat say, “Asa.” Both couples decide to switch the first and middle names. At the back of the church, Joey labels Clint a “S.O.B.” and threatens to tell his sisters about Joey’s disinheritance. Aubrey arrives, taunting Clint, but he doesn’t respond to threats.

The ceremony takes place and the names are made official: Liam Asa McBain and Ryder Asa Lovett. John promises that “Lt. Liam McBain” can be anything he wants to be. Privately, Rex battles with himself over the paternity test, his options being “a good man and the scum of the Earth.” The celebration prepares to move elsewhere, but Aubrey has an announcement to make. Clint freezes.

Blair returns from Paris and finds Todd at La Boulaie because Tea wanted him to get rid of the photo album. Blair demands to know how a wedding picture of her and Todd ended up “in the hands of a complete stranger,” but Todd has no explanation. Todd suggests that Eli was stalking Blair for years, but Blair thinks Eli was too busy stalking others in 2003.

Blair recalls her time with “quite charming” Tomas, and she’s still amazed that he seemed to know “what was in [her] heart.” Todd teases Blair, but she insists that was the happiest she’s ever been. Todd got a second chance with Tea, and Blair is seeking a similar opportunity. Todd would accompany Blair on her quest for the “meaning of life,” but he has job. Blair teases that he’d miss her. Before leaving, Todd surprises Blair: “For what it’s worth, when that photo was taken, I was very happy too.”

In Paris, the gallery owner visits Tomas to inquire about his meeting with Blair. Tomas says that she was searching for something, but she has yet to find it. The gallery owner argues that Tomas is all alone, and encourages him to embark on his own journey. He hands Tomas Blair’s address, but Tomas tosses it in the trash. Later, he reads the slip: “Llanview, Pennsylvania.”