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DC #602: In Studio With Larry Flick on The Morning Jolt

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke, Jamey, Jillian and Regan are in-studio and hanging out with Larry Flickand Keith PriceonThe Morning Jolt With Larry Flick. During the three laugh-filled hours the DC/PC gang dish the latest in soap opera and celebrity news, including:


General Hospital fired Rebecca Herbst and Jamey reveals the latest he’s hearing and what may still be coming down the pipe. What is the latest Jamey is hearing? Why isn’t GH playing up the Elizabeth vs. Sam rivalry like The Bold and the Beautiful has used Brooke vs. Taylor? What has happened to the Brenda storyline on GH? Larry shares a story about his experience with Laura Wright. Would fans be into a Helena/Luke/Tracy triangle? Jamey reveals his dream storyline for boosting One Life to Live’s ratings, thinning the casts and giving its actors more amazing performances. Jamey and Jillian share their experiences about interacting with soap fans.

Larry has the DC gang in laughter at his comments about the Days of our Lives storyline involving Johnny’s eye surgery. Sami and EJ’s tumultuous relationship is heating up, but Jamey thinks that DAYS should bring back Allen to torment Will. DAYS has a lot to do to get back in fighting form as it wastes Crystal Chappell and its storylines stumble.

Larry reveals how his comments about Adam Lambert on Pop Confidential episode #21 stirred up quite the controversy. Jamey shares his Jameylicious dreams and how he’s going to make “licious” an empowerment tool. Larry asks for the PC gang’s thoughts on the Oscar nominations. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’Kyle Richards stops by The Morning Jolt during the last half hour to talk about the show’s finale.

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