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One Life to Live Spoilers: Marty Escapes From St. Ann's!

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Secrets unraveling, a planned double wedding, and a woman escaping from a mental institution rock the city of Llanview to its core. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of January 31.


Aubrey/Cutter/Dorian/Kelly: Aubrey will attempt to expose Clint's DNA secrets, but Clint will quickly shut her up. Clint will apologize to everyone for disowning Joey. The scene between Aubrey and Clint will cause Dorian and Kelly to assume that Aubrey has some dirt on Clint.

Speaking of Dorian and Kelly, they will have Aubrey's boarding school yearbook sent to La Boulaie to dig into her past. However, Cutter and Aubrey will find out about the yearbook being sent to Llanview. Cutter is going to change the yearbook to cover up the incriminating evidence against Aubrey. After he does that, Cutter will get the book to La Boulaie without being seen. Meanwhile, Dorian will yet again, be attempting to get Kelly to confess her feelings to Joey. The duo will go through the yearbook and find nothing about Aubrey. Kelly is going to declare her search a failure and try to move on with her life. Kelly will kiss Cutter to make things final and Joey will see it.

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In Aubrey's room, Clint will have a surveillance camera installed. He will catch a conversation between Aubrey and Cutter about their plans to rob Joey blind. As this is happening, Joey and Kelly are going to get locked in a storeroom overnight. They will come dangerously close to a kiss, but will be rescued before their lips touch. Cutter will find the camera in Aubrey's room, with no tape in it. It turns out; one of Clint’s goons has already grabbed the tape. Is it curtains for Aubrey and Cutter?

Jessica and Brody are going to persuade Natalie and John into having a double wedding. Jessica and Natalie will throw a bachelorette party. Rex will have a bachelor party for Brody and John. As the wedding draws near, Brody will tell Natalie that he thinks they should confess their one night stand to everyone before Marty has a chance to. Will the double wedding actually happen?

Clint/Rex/Echo: Clint will have a hard time trying to keep his secrets intact. Rex will have a talk with Echo about his father and tells her he plans to have another DNA test done. Echo will quickly tell Rex to leave things as they are. Rex will head to Bo's to tell him about his suspicions about Clint being his father. After his talk with Bo, Rex will lie to Dorian about having a second paternity test and it saying Charlie is his father.

In Clint's office, Vimal will ask for an invitation to Natalie and Jessica's double wedding. In turn, Clint will ask Vimal whom he told about switching the paternity tests. Vimal replies and Clint will fire him. Vimal will inform his wife about what happened with Clint. Rama is going to vow revenge on Clint. How long will Clint's secrets stay in the dark?

Bo and John will do everything in their power to uncover Clint's lies. The two will try to get Clint's goons to sell Clint out, but the goons are not talking. Bo and John will go back to the drawing board at the police station, when Brody will walk in on their conversation. Bo and John will fill in Brody about Clint's misdeeds. Brody will be very upset to hear about Clint's actions. Bo warns Clint that he will tell everyone about all the nasty things Clint has done. Will Bo really tell everyone about Clint's lies?

Starr and Hope will visit a still out of her mind Marty at St. Ann's. Starr will be extremely concerned for Marty. After Starr leaves, the details of Natalie's secret will start to come back to Marty. Later on, Starr will be preparing for the wedding and will tell John about her strange visit with Marty. Marty will bust out of St. Ann's and show up at John's door still talking about "their son". She will also inform John that Natalie kidnapped her the night Natalie gave birth. (Side Note: I really hope this isn't the end of Marty Saybrooke on OLTL, because it's starting to look that way with Marty being written into this BIG corner). How will John handle Marty and get to his wedding?

Starr will come to the conclusion that she has no choice but to tell Cole that she has to move on. She will head to Statesville to tell him, as things will get hot and heavy between James and Michelle. Will Starr tell James her true feelings before he and Michelle grow closer?

Sneak Peaks At Next Week (February 7):

  • Jessica gets the shock of her life
  • Charlie and Viki call a truce
  • Vimal begins his revenge
  • Cutter and Aubrey have to smooth things over with everyone