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The Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas Wants Some Sexual Chocolate!

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Thomas: The Forrester heir realizes he has feelings for Dayzee. The two have a talk which reveals their feelings are mutual (THIS is something I co-sign!). Thomas goes to Ridge for some romantic advice which doesn't pan out well for him.

Liam: Mr. Spencer tells Dollar Bill all about Amber maintaining she is pregnant with his baby. Bill has a nasty confrontation with Amber.

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Bill: He contacts his friend, Dr. Ramon Montgomery (A Martinez) to perform a DNA test on Amber's baby.

Amber/Tawny: Ambrosia attempts to avoid taking the paternity test, but big mama Tawny saves the day by showing up just in the nick of time. She has Carl head off to the lab to rig the test. Look for Carl to run into some problems.

Nick/Stephanie: La Forrester brings real-life cancer patients and survivors back to her house as a way to reach out to Nick. Stephanie is desperate to help him stop smoking. Aggie finds out about the spot on Nick's lung and urges him to give up his cigars.