Confrontations, Bloody Teen Tramps and Amnesiac Hunks ROCK The Bay!

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Two veteran soap stars having an explosive, history-rich confrontation? Yep, you know I ain't talking about a daytime sudser. Check out the latest installment of The Baywhere Christine Nelson (Sandra Dee Robinson) rips top cop Mac Johnson (Lane "I Was Mason Capwell, Bitches" Davies) for bouncing up and down on her to get over his late wife, but not wanting anyone—namely his daughter—to know he knows how many freckles are on her backside!


As if that wasn't enough drama,Elliot Sanders' (Charles Shaughnessy) hysterical daughter Isabella (Claire-Louise Sedgley) has found a pervy picture box. What the H-E-Double Hockey sticks is that freaky sneaky Brian Nelson (Dylan Bruce) up to now? Nasty self!

Bri-Bri's baby bro Peter Garrett ( Web soap discovery of 2010, Kristos Andrews) can be nasty too, unfortunately he can't remember any of that, because he has amnesia and doesn't even recognize his own mama! Where did Sara (Mary Beth Evans) go wrong with these young 'uns?

Sidenote: Who is that girl walking in the dark, SoCal night dripping of blood? You'll have to watch after the jump to find out!