Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Chloe Makes A Boo-Boo!

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Chloe: The songbird makes a huge mistake.

Brady: He convinces Taylor to stick around.

Kate: Mrs. DiMera attempts to control Melanie. Kate tells Victor she's moving back into the DiMera mansion.

Bo/Hope: The lovebirds get great news and are reunited with little Ciara.

Nicole: She and Sami keep their feud at bay. Later, Nicole is stunned when EJ removes her tracking device.

EJ/Nicole: The two get a bit close.

Philip: The Kiriakis heir starts to rethink things after he holds baby Parker.

Sami: She thinks something's not right with "Rafe" and fills in Carrie on her suspicions.

Rafe: He meets his twin.

Nathan: The young Horton talks about his love for Melanie with Jennifer.