General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


The truth will set you free.


Lucky’s angry at Siobhan for lying to his face. His gut has told him she’s working for The Balkan and that’s she’ll help him grab Brenda on her wedding day, and Siobhan checking out St Timothy’s is the proof he needed. She deflects him, feels he’s always been more invested in her, and that all she wanted was someone to shag. Lucky yells at her that she was sleeping in his bed, while working against him behind his back, and reminds her that she’s helping set up a woman to be murdered. Siobhan screams at him to arrest her if he has proof and then storms off.

Theo wonders if Lulu has felt threatened lately, since as Dante’s girlfriend, she would be on the Balkan’s radar. Shawn arrives and Lulu wonders why they need extra security, and he claims that no one can touch or stop the Balkan. Theo says he plans to call Lulu to the stand, and to be prepared. Apparently Theo’s never heard of the hearsay rule.

Shawn wonders what the ground rules are, and Theo lets him know that he’s going to target those who should have known better. Theo says Brenda has information he wants and will win her confidence with the trial stuff, and then will remove her from her world.

Dante wants to get at Siobhan, no matter the connection to Lucky, but Jason tells him he’s too close to Brenda and can’t be objective and to let him handle Siobhan.

As he hears Abby screaming, Michael flashes back to Carter, but finally pulls Brandon off of her, before he has a chance to rape Abby and proceeds to beat the crap out of him. Jason hears Abby’s yells for help and pulls Michael off of Brandon and calls Dante. Jason wants to deal with the situation, but Dante convinces him not to cover it up, that Michael was in the right. At first, Abby doesn’t want to get checked out at the hospital, but Jason convinces her that they’ll need the proper paperwork to make sure Michael doesn’t get in trouble.

Brenda reminds Carly how Jax loves to rescue people and that he came through for her. Carly accuses Brenda of liking the attention. Brenda feels Carly has nothing to worry about if her marriage is on solid ground. Robin shows up and snarks out Carly about trying to stop the wedding, and Carly assures her the wedding won’t happen, before storming out. Brenda doesn’t care about Carly, but Robin feels Carly is up to something and will try to destroy the wedding.

Alexis takes Carly’s side with Jax, letting him know that she wouldn’t be happy if he lied to her about Brenda and that Brenda shouldn’t be Jax’s priority anymore.

Carly asks Spinelli to help her find out if Brenda was telling the truth about Jax’ activities in London. Spinelli confirms that Jax met with Interpol several times. Spin assures her that Jax is a devoted husband and father and what she’s cherishes about him, his need to protect others, is what she’s now upset with him about. Carly claims Jax knows that Brenda is a problem for her, that she makes Carly feel insecure and still he made Brenda a priority.

When Jax gets home, Carly accuses him of playing the hero for Brenda. Jax says he knew it would upset her, so he didn’t tell her the truth, but that he was helping Interpol. He reminds her that Brenda is part of his past, but she reminds him of her feelings for Brenda and than declares that Brenda can have him.

Lucky stops by Theo’s to discuss Siobhan, that she’s been acting erractically and wonders about the immigration status. Theo tells him he won’t break attorney/client privilege, but tells Lucky to search her recent past. Lucky reminds him that Siobhan is also a target of the Balkan’s, that they’re no closer to catching him. Theo agrees to help though through legal means.

Michael’s upset that he froze but Jason reminds him that he stopped Brandon and saved Abby. Steve checks out Abby and declares her okay and that he’ll have the documents for the police. Dante arrives to take her statement. Abby explains her past with Brandon and then goes over the events. Michael gets more and more upset as she tells the story and runs out, followed by Jason. Abby insists she will testify and Dante lets her know that if she had been raped, the punishment would be more severe. Abby assures she wouldn’t lie if she had been raped and feels badly about Michael’s involvement. Dante praises her for helping out Michael, and feels this may be a turning point for him.

Lucky returns to have it out with Siobhan. He tells her he knows she would have had a good reason for working for the Balkan and wants her to trust him enough to tell him. She tries to bluff her way out, but he says they care about each other and he can see the truth in her eyes. Siobhan hands him a picture of Meghan, captured and explains that Balkan will kill her.

Dante gets home to find Brenda waiting. She asks if she can help and he asks what happened to the baby.

Jason assures Michael that Abby will be okay and so will he since they didn’t cover up what happened. Michael wonders if Abby was lying and Brandon really did rape her before he stopped it. Jason wonders why Abby would have lied and Michael feels that if you don’t say it out loud than you can convince yourself it never happened.

Michael goes through the details of what happened with Carter in Pentonville and admits to Jason that he was raped.