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One Life to Live Recap: Delusions Of Grandeur

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Marty: Oh my God! The baby’s not John’s.


Marty is cradling a doll, knee-deep in delusions about “her” baby. Starr and Hope arrive at St. Anne’s, but a nun advises Starr to spend time alone with Marty before subjecting Hope. Starr enters Marty’s room, shocked and saddened by the level of Marty’s psychosis, and passes along messages from Cole. Starr brings in Hope, which triggers Marty’s memory a bit. Marty shares a revelatory hug with Hope, and thanks Starr for bringing her.

Marty asks why she is in St. Anne’s and how long she’s been there. Starr gently prods along Marty’s memory with the information that Natalie gave birth to John’s child at the lodge. Before Starr leaves, she apologizes to Marty for keeping Hope away. Alone, Marty realizes that “John’s baby” doesn’t sound right. She pieces together recent events, finally remembering that John is not the father of Natalie’s baby.

At the Christening, Aubrey announces that she has news about Clint that affects everyone. Before Aubrey can reveal Clint’s misdeeds, Clint stops her. He admits to the pre-nup and disinheritance and being in the wrong for denying his son. Clint reinstates Joey’s entitlement along with offering an apology. Aubrey whispers in Clint’s ear that he made the right choice, but Clint promises her that she made a big mistake.

Viki apologizes to Aubrey for Clint’s behavior. Kelly is surprised to see “Clint back down like that,” but Joey is impressed with Aubrey. Joey suggests that he and Kelly make a date to babysit their godson. In the church vestibule, Natalie tells John that they’ve been afforded a fresh start, and John promises that Marty is no longer a threat.

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At Llanfair, Joey is touched that Aubrey stood up for him, and she vows that she did solely for him and not for the money. Clint arrives and shares a moment with Aubrey wherein she laughs that she thought he was going to have a stroke. Clint threatens Aubrey, but she responds in kind, and they hit an impasse. Joey returns and doesn’t think Clint and Aubrey had a good moment, but Aubrey insists that Clint just has trouble admitting he’s wrong. Aubrey leaves.

Jessica receives a call from the church; there’s an conflict with the wedding date, but they can get married in two days if they’re ready. Brody and Jessica decide to do it, and Jess asks Natalie and John to join them. Natalie thinks a double church wedding is not John’s speed, but he thought that fatherhood wasn’t either, and he was wrong. Natalie beams when John says yes. She insists that he will soon be wearing navy blue as well, but John warns Nat not to push it. The two happy couples toast to the impending wedding and no interruptions.

Over the phone, Adriana promises Dorian that Kelly’s yearbook was sent overnight. Cutter arrives at La Boulaie, and Dorian reveals her knowledge that he’s Aubrey’s brother. Cutter admits to being there to see Dorian. He claims to have been a mentor with “Kids Empowered” and wonders if Dorian will recommend him for the Llanview chapter. Dorian goes upstairs to get contact information, and while she’s gone, the mailman arrives with the yearbook. Cutter slips the book into his briefcase as Dorian returns. Cutter leaves, and Dorian is certain he’s intent on swindling Kelly.

Dorian calls Adriana again, who promises to check on the status of the yearbook. Kelly returns home, telling Dorian about the Christening and how Aubrey’s game worked. They wonder if Aubrey has dirt on Clint. Dorian tells Kelly about Cutter’s visit and his charity excuse. At The Palace, Cutter informs Aubrey of his interception of the yearbook and wonders how she was going to explain that the picture accompanying the name “Aubrey Wentworth” is not her.

Echo demands to know if Shane is being bullied. He’s just being teased, but Echo doesn’t think it’s funny that idiot kids are making Shane feel badly. She thinks Shane is wonderful, but at school, he’s considered a loser. The bullying began following an asthma attack in gym, but when Echo wants to call the school, Shane panics. Making waves will make it worse, but time will make it stop. Rex and Gigi return and Echo tells them there’s a problem. Shane silently implores her to keep quiet, and she does.

Gigi thanks Echo for taking care of Shane. Alone, Echo and Shane make a deal that Echo can speak up if the bullying fails to cease. Rex tells Echo about Joey’s disinheritance and Dorian’s belief that Clint is Rex’s father. Rex wants to take another paternity test, but Echo begs him to just “be Charlie’s son.” Before leaving, Echo cryptically tells Rex that Shane needs him. Gigi realizes Shane was faking his illness and insists he’s going to school tomorrow. In his room, Shane looks terrified reading new MyFace messages.