The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Diane Gets A Proposal!

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Victor/Diane/Nick: Nick decides he wants to continue his liaison with Diane. Ms. Jenkins is thrilled by his suggestion, but doesn't let him know about her involvement with Victor. Unfortunately for them, Victor learns all about their relationship and decides to teach his son a lesson by marrying Diane! Victor offers Ms. Jenkins what she's always wanted, to be Mrs. Victor Newman and everything that goes with it.


Deacon/Nikki: The pair's relationship goes further. Deacon starts to worry if his scheme with Meggie will come to light.

Jill/Katherine: The ladies learn all about Cane's dark secret.

Cane: He tries to stop Colin from marrying Jill.

Jana: She gets one up on Kevin.

Jill: She is comforted by Billy, Victoria, and Kay.

Lily: The Winters clan lends her a shoulder to lean on.