Why Didn't General Hospital Do The Prison Rape Story With Drew Garrett?

One of the best young adult actors to hit soaps during the first decade of the 00's, Drew Garrett (ex-Michael Corinthos III) is bouncing back from his firing from General Hospital, just as his replacement, the also talented Chad Duell,is making the role his own in a powerful prison rape storyline.  Garrett, who has booked a guest spot on The Mentalist (airing Feb. 17, check your local listings) talked with We Love Soaps' Damon Jacobs about his new gig and what really happened at GH.


WE LOVE SOAPS TV: After a year of profoundly deep work on GH you were gone. What happened?

Drew Garrett: That’s a good question. I keep getting asked that. In reality I don’t exactly know what really happened or what the real truth is, and I don’t know if I ever will. I can say that maybe they really did, for whatever reason, want an actor that plans to be on the show for a really long time. I had no intention of leaving, but I also aspired to work on prime time and feature films. In a way for me it was a stepping stone and perhaps they recognized that. Maybe they wanted someone who wanted to be on soaps the rest of their lives. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing whatsoever. It’s a great career. But I wanted to use it as a segue way for bigger and better things. It could have been [the reason]. But I really don’t know what it was.

In truth, it’s really good for me to see that the character of Michael really has been changed when it comes to his mentality. That is what they told me, that they were going in a completely different direction with the character. Initially I thought they were just saying that to make me feel better about the situation. But it’s cool that they did in fact change this character pretty substantially. I would have felt like a punk if they were saying, “Hey we’re going to change it up and switch this character completely,” and then get some other dude who is playing the same thing. So that was cool to see that they really were changing him up.

However, I’m not really sure why they just didn’t direct me in the new direction they wanted to take. I feel one of my best qualities as an actor is taking direction. When it comes to working on set, if a director puts me in a new direction, or gives me some notes, that I will put that in to action. That is something I feel I’m really good at. So I don’t know. Either way it was a great experience. I feel I learned more in that one year than I ever had before. It was like boot camp.

Now I know a lot of soap fans will take offense to some of Garrett's comments, but I see nothing wrong with a young actor admitting he has goals beyond daytime. He clearly stated he had no intention to leave at the time, but that yes, he wanted more at some point, who doesn't in their career aspirations?

I also commend Garrett for admitting he wouldn't have flinched at playing Michael's current story arc. So many actors could take a page from that example (*cough" Chris Engen). I can't wait to see what this honest, passionate young man does next!