B&B's Susan Flannery: "Bill Knew Brad Had The Right Stuff Before He Died"

He Got It From His Daddy. The amazing Susan Flannery (Stephanie, The Bold and the Beautiful) gave a touching interview to TV Guide's Michael Logan about the best storyline daytime has done in years —Stephanie's battle with lung cancer. My fave part of the chat was when La Flannery mentioned how proud the late Bill Bell would be of his son Brad Bell for winning back-to-back Daytime Emmys.


TV Guide Magazine: Indeed! Don't you think Brad's late dad, [Y&R and B&B creator] Bill Bell would be bursting buttons over his kid?

Flannery: Yes, but I think Bill knew Brad had the right stuff before he died, even in those last stages before he totally slipped away from us. He was very aware of Brad's gifts and very proud of him! And I know how much finally winning that writing Emmy last year meant to Brad. He so deserved it. This is one of the best working experiences a lot of us on the show have ever had. His writing has pulled us all together as a company. We are totally juiced!

I couldn't agree more. As a fan of The Young and the Restless from the time I was suckling a teet, and as someone who has watched The Bold and the Beautiful since two years into its run (circa 1989) I have to concur that B&B has managed to become the soap that truly showcases traces of the Bell DNA. 

While I ripped B&B a few years back for being all camp, all the time (RIP, Honey Bear), the show has managed to create a delicate balance between sexy scandals and real-life, powerful, diverse human drama. Who woulda ever thunk it?

 If the Soap Gods were kind, Brad Bell would offer to consult for B&B's big sister sudser. For more of Flannery's chat with Logan go to TV Guide.