General Hospital: Perkie's observations


Days like today make it very hard for me to sum everything up into a handful of paragraphs. You just can’t get the emphasis and pure emotion of this episode when you paraphrase.


Jason lets Michael know that it took courage to tell him the truth. Michael feels he should have been able to stop Carter, but Jason reminds him it wasn’t his fault and that he did nothing wrong. Michael’s glad that Carter is dead, because he knows the abuse would have continued. Jason says he’s lived through the worse and can now live his life. Jason apologizes, since it was because of Franco that Carter came after Michael, but it’s Michael’s turn to remind him that it’s no one's fault but Carter’s. Michael wishes he’d been the one to kill Carter, because he feels he needs to prove himself. Jason says he doesn’t have to fight and feels badly for all the wrong choices he made. Michael reminds Jason that he can’t live his life for him and that he’ll find a way to survive.

Siobhan apologizes for lying to Lucky, that she should have told him the truth but feared for her sister’s safety. Lucky promises her that he won’t let the Balkan kill her sister and feels they now have an advantage, since the Balkan doesn’t know the truth. She admits to Lucky that Brenda is to be kidnapped on her wedding day. Theo arrives and lets Siobhan know that he reviewed her paperwork. However, Lucky says they’ve agreed to work through their problems.

Later on, Siobhan calls the Balkan to set up a meeting. Lucky says he’ll be there with her. Balkan tells Shawn to be there, in case Siobhan tries a double cross.

Brenda tells Dante that she went to Rome from New York, happy to be pregnant. There, she meets Suzanne, who she confides in, and gets involved with ASEC. Her doctor told her it was safe to travel, which she did, but got very sick and miscarried the baby. Dante apologizes for not having been there and wonders what’s happened that brought all this up. Brenda tells him about Sam being there earlier and talking about the baby she lost.  Brenda goes to say sometimes she gets blindsided by the emotions and is sad that she never got to hold her son. Dante holds her, as Lulu walks in on them in the hug.

Lulu goes home to complain to Maxie that she caught Brante hugging. Giving the episode some levity, Maxie wonders if they were naked, was there foreplay and should Lulu have knocked first. All joking aside, Maxie assures Lulu that Dante might have a hero complex, but doesn’t love Brenda and swears that he loves Lulu. Dante arrives, so Maxie leaves. Dante explains about what happened with Abby and Michael, finding Brenda at his place and the hug. Lulu accepts his apology and gives him a pass, but says they’re still broken up. Dante thanks her for listening to him.

Jax insists he went to London to help a friend, but Carly insists their marriage is over. Jax is upset that he always has to forgive her for Sonny, but he can’t be friends with Brenda. Carly tells him he wants victim Brenda and that he's always choosing Brenda over her. Plus, she feels he knew that Sonny and Jason came with the package. Jax is sick and tired of being third behind SaSon. He wants her to realize that she ending the marriage means she's ending their family. Carly insists she won’t stay together for the kids, because she’ll resent him. She won’t wait for him to put her first. Jax lets her know that if the marriage ends, it’s on her and Carly says since Brenda’s been back, Jax has been maneuvering it so that, she’d be the bad guy when they break up.

Jax apologizes to Morgan about the marriage to his mother being over. Morgan wonders if either of them cheated, but Jax says they didn’t. Jax mentions that his trip to London was the final straw for Carly. Morgan wonders if he’ll move back into the hotel or go back to Australia (foreshadowing there), but Jax insists that he isn’t leaving either of his children.

Brenda goes to see Jax to thank him about London, but Jax is angry that she spilled the beans to Carly. Brenda claims she didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to spill the beans, but Jax reminds her of how Carly feels about her. Brenda’s not sorry that she said what she did and Jax gets angrier that she’s running off to marry Sonny, after helping break up CarJax. Jax snarks about Sonny bringing misery to everyone, and Brenda’s upset that he’d be so vindictive towards her. Brenda reminds him that she and Sonny are not him and Carly. Jax warns her that the danger will catch up to her.

Carly shows up at the penthouse, and Michael doesn’t want her to know he’s there. Jason tells Carly that he can’t talk to her and Carly is upset because she has nowhere else to go. Michael comes out of hiding to say that Jason refused her because of him. Jason explains to Carly about what happened with Abby, but that Michael won’t get in trouble. Carly’s concerned about Abby, and Michael wonders if Abby lied about the rape, in order to pretend it didn’t happen, so that it goes away. Michael admits to his mother that he was raped. Carly hugs her son and I start bawling, which I knew would happen as soon as Laura Wright got into the story.

Michael admits he hadn’t told Jason before, that he wasn’t able to face it. Carly feels he needs to get help to work through it, rather than continue to carry it inside. Michael doesn’t want to see a therapist, but Carly feels he’s strong enough to handle it. Jason tells him to let someone help him. Carly says he’s not alone, tells Michael that he’s the strongest person she knows and begs him to do it for himself. Michael agrees to see a therapist.