One Life to Live Recap: Don't Change Your Plans


Kelly: No, it’s the end. I give up. I’m done with Joey.

At La Boulaie, Dorian and Kelly talk, and Dorian believes in Joey and Kelly as a couple. Kelly asks for Dorian’s opinion on Aubrey and Cutter, and Dorian is certain they’re con artists. Kelly asks why Dorian has been so cagey about Clint, and Dorian reveals that Clint is Rex’s father. Dorian advises Kelly to cut out the games and just tell Joey the truth.

Cutter photoshop's the yearbook, giving “Aubrey Wentworth” a makeover. Aubrey gets angry when Cutter refers to Joey as “a little sap.” She says Joey is trusting and never expected to be fooled by “someone so skillful.” Jealousy builds as Aubrey defends Joey and Cutter refuses to give up Kelly. Cutter leaves.

At Serenity Springs, Rex and Joey make peace and decide to be friends. Joey tells Rex that Clint is paranoid about interlopers, but Aubrey is an amazing woman and Joey trusts her. Joey asks for insight into Kelly, and Rex advises Joey to “open [his] eyes.” Rex leaves, and Joey goes through his mental Rolodex of Kelly moments. He realizes Kelly is in love with him.

In his office, Clint wonders how Aubrey knew about the paternity tests. Vimal arrives, requesting invitations to the wedding. Earlier, at the gym, Rama reminded Vimal that Clint owes him, and that Vimal holds the power. Vimal “demand[s]” that Clint gift Vimal with what he deserves. Clint is suspicious, but Vimal promises that he divulged nothing to no one.

At Llanfair, Gigi and Natalie interrupt Lovett family time, and so as not to risk any bad luck, Gigi throws out Brody and Ryder so the ladies can wade through wedding dresses. Jessica likes Gigi’s “take charge” attitude and Gigi thinks she may have been an event planner in another life.

At the station, Bo and John bring in Mr. Black and Mr. Blue for questioning, who claim to be security for B.E. Bo informs the cavalier men that Ford can name them as his aggravated assault assailants, but they present Bo with an alibi: blood drive donors the day of the attack. Brody arrives with “a right to know what’s going on” attitude. Brody is devastated when they inform him of his father-in-law's action, always so grateful to Clint for his acceptance and support. Bo doesn’t want to destroy Natalie and Jessica’s images of their father. It will happen eventually, but Bo wants to wait until after the wedding.

Rex arrives, and “surprises” John with the news that the bachelor party will be at Rodi’s. Brody doesn’t want strippers, and John and Rex make fun of him. Rex enters Bo’s office, looking for advice, but Bo “look[s] like hell.” Bo informs Rex that he was right about Inez drugging Bo. He and Nora are reunited, but Clint set everything up, and Bo is disillusioned. Bo is confused when Rex thanks him and leaves. Alone, Bo laments what has become of his beloved brother.

Hotel “maintenance” arrives at Aubrey’s room in the form of Mr. Black and Mr. Blue. They claim to be changing the thermostats and Aubrey grants them access. Clint’s cameras are then discreetly placed in the main room and the bedroom.

Brody thanks John for being his friend and telling him the truth about Clint. John wishes they weren’t gunning for their impending father-in-law.

Nat and Jess apologize for past issues, but decide it’s “ancient history,” and they love each other completely. They vow to be “second parents” to their respective children. Gigi returns, irritated by the delay, and orders Natalie to strip. Natalie montages through a few dresses before settling on the perfect one.

Brody and John show up, and Jessica insists against strippers at the bachelor party. Brody says it’s out of his hands, and John thinks they must honor their last night of freedom.

Black and Blue arrive at Clint’s office and manhandle Vimal. Vimal claims to have told the Hindu God, Rama, but when Clint asks if Vimal told Aubrey Wentworth, Vimal maintains innocence. Clint’s men back off, but Clint fires Vimal. Later, Vimal demands to know if Rama blabbed to Aubrey. Rama denies it, but she’s incensed when Vimal reveals that he’s unemployed.

Cutter arrives at La Boulaie, claiming to find a package from Paris outside the front door. Dorian and Kelly race into the living room, open the envelope, and fall for the con; Aubrey is not an impostor. Kelly gives up, though Dorian encourages her otherwise. Kelly and Cutter discuss another date, and Kelly is free immediately. Joey arrives and spies a kiss. Rex calls Dorian and lies to her that he took another paternity test; Clint is not his father.