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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Lucky meets with Dante and Jason and lets them know about Siobhan. He explains about Meghan, but Jason reminds him that there is no real proof that Siobhan is telling the truth. Dante says it might have been staged and feels Siobhan is working Lucky because he's (Lucky) not being objective.


When Dante leaves, Jason questions how Lucky can trust Siobhan, but he insists that he knew something was off and figured it out. Jason feels they need to know more, but Lucky assures him that Siobhan isn’t faking and that he and Dante will owe Lush an apology when they catch the Balkan.

Shawn bumps into Siobhan on the street, tells her he’s working for Theo and wants to know all her information from when she was captured by the Balkan’s men. When Siobhan balks, he reminds her of her immigration issues. Molly interrupts which allows Siobhan to take off. Molly discusses PTSD with Shawn, lets him know she’s going to therapy and offers to join him at a support group. He tells her to stick with her sessions. She thinks he’s a wonderful man.

Michael lets Abby know that it’s okay to say if she was raped. She swears she wasn’t. Michael tells her about what happened to him and that it doesn’t help to keep quiet. Carly listens in on them from the hallway. Abby promises that she won’t hide this time and will testify against Brandon. Carly comes in to the room and apologizes to Abby. She is very grateful that Michael had a good friend to talk to.

Suzanne pays Brenda a visit and they discuss ASEC. Talk turns to the baby, which surprises Suzanne, since she had been told by Brenda in the past never to bring it up. Brenda tells her she’s strong enough now to deal with it. Suzanne mentioned how hard she worked to keep the pregnancy a secret, but Brenda has decided she shouldn’t marry Sonny without telling him. Suzanne asks her not to marry Sonny, and Brenda declares that nothing will stop them.

Robin sends Terrell a gift to thank him for getting her a handyman. He tells Lisa that he’s going to ask Robin out for Valentine’s Day. When he tries, he’s interrupted by Patrick, who leads Robin away to discuss Emma. Lisa tells Terrell that he needs to switch on the charm.

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Patrick and Robin discuss their Valentine’s plans with Emma and joke about how he’s more of a pushover than she is. When Patrick leaves, Terrell asks Robin if she has plans for Valentine’s Day, but she says she’s spending it with her daughter.

Nikolas and Brook Lynn are dining with a business associate, who is quite enamored by Brook and spends his time flirting with her, which makes Nik jealous. When Roberto asks Brook out, Nik makes up an excuse about business, so the man backs off and leaves. Brook wonders if Nik is jealous, which he denies, but they go back and forth on the issue. She admits she loves working for him, and he wants them to go out on a real date.

Carly shows up at the penthouse looking for Jason, but finds Brenda, who tells her she heard about the CarJax break up. Brenda tells her not to go running to Sonny now and Carly reminds her that the world doesn’t revolve around Brenda Barrett. Carly informs Brenda that she’s dealing with issues with her boys. Brenda asks what’s wrong with the boys, but Carly tells her to butt out. Brenda reminds her that she’ll soon be their stepmother, but again, Carly tells her to stay away from the kids and comments about the wedding not happening. Carly says that the truth has a nasty way of coming back and biting people.

When Jason gets home, Brenda wants him to deal with Carly, so that she doesn’t sabotage the wedding. Instead of responding about Carly, Jason tells Brenda about Siobhan and the Balkan wanting to grab Brenda at the wedding. Brenda wants Jason to stop The Balkan before he has a chance to grab her. He says they can’t stop the Balkan, since they still don’t know who he is. Brenda is still concerned about Carly, because she thinks Carly will tell Sonny something that will make him not want to marry her.

Dante’s talking to Abby, and assures Michael that he’ll be okay since he reacted to save Abby. Michael tells Dante about the rape and Dante is floored and speechless. Abby asks if it can be arranged for Michael not to be too involved with the trial, but Michael says he wants to testify and a still stunned Dante says he’ll do what he can.

After Dante leaves, Michael and Abby discuss Michael's bombshell.  She commiserates that it must have been hard to keep everything inside and wonders if he’ll tell Sonny. Michael declares that he can’t tell his father and isn’t sure how he’s supposed to talk about it with a therapist. Abby doesn’t want him to let Carter ruin his life. Michael is happy he fought off Brandon, because now he doesn’t feel powerless.

Lucky tells Siobhan that he’ll pretend to be a parishioner, while she’s in the church with the Balkan. Siobhan meets with the Balkan and tells him the wedding location has been moved, but that she doesn’t know where yet. Balkan wonders if she’s a fool or a traitor, and lets her know that she was followed. Shawn knocks out Lucky.

Dante gets home, takes off his badge and gun, and flashes back to that day in the courtroom with Michael. Carly shows up, and knows by the stunned look on his face, that he’s spoken with Michael. Dante blames himself and apologizes. Dante swears that Michael wasn’t supposed to go to prison, and Carly agrees, that it should have been Dante. She says Michael is living a nightmare because of Dante. She picks up his gun and tells him he deserves to rot in hell. Dante tells her to pull the trigger, because she can’t possibly hate him more than he hates himself.