General Hospital Spoilers: Molly Knows Who The Balkan Is!


Here’s the Scoop!

Carly is going to tell Sonny what happened to Michael! Who wants to take bets on how much glassware is broken? Should we be betting on Sonny defending Dante? You know that is happening. Michael begs Jason not to tell his dad, too bad he already knows. Sonny tells his son that he loves him, no matter what, and that he’s proud of him.

Who wrecked the dress? Brenda is convinced it’s Carly who trashed her one of a kind gown. Sonny thinks the two of them should elope to avoid Carly and whatever she’s planning. Brenda says no. What happens to the wedding plans when Carol the wedding planner tells them the Pavilion has been flooded and it was no accident?

Did Carly flood the Pavilion? Ronnie has some questions for her and Sonny is convinced she has meddled with the wedding site. Telling her to back off once again, Jason tells Sonny he doesn’t think it was Carly.

Dante wants to quit his job. Michael asks his brother to stay on the force. At least, don’t quit because of him. Dante tries to convince Michael not to seek revenge on Franco, telling Michael to learn from the mistakes he has made. Lulu tackles Michael next, as Dante looks on and listens.

Michael begins therapy… and comes out angry. Wait a minute; isn’t therapy supposed to help with that? Michael’s therapy has him angry with Franco and wanting revenge on his Uncle’s nemesis.

Maxie is convinced Sam is pregnant. Sam is set on proving she isn’t. What will Jason say when he sees the pregnancy test? Once again, the couple talks about the prospect of having a family.

Nikolas and nonsense with my Liz… Nikolas and Brook go out for a night at Jake’s and run into Elizabeth and Steven. When Olivia shows up, Elizabeth’s brother is distracted and she uses that to insert herself into Brook and Nikolas’ date. Will Brook Lynn break into song to get Nikolas’ attention away from Elizabeth? Nikolas sees the tension between his two ladies.

Does Johnny have a thing for Lisa? He tells Ethan he’s attracted to the psycho doctor. In other Lisa news, she wants Patrick to find Robin and Terrell in a compromising position or at least appear to be. Is Terrell working Robin or is Patrick just paranoid? Ready to rush in and break things up, Maxie stops Patrick as Robin and Terrell pop out, together. Matt encourages Maxie to meddle in his brother’s marriage. Lisa is getting a little impatient with Terrell and his inroad with Robin so she takes matters into her own hands by slipping something into Patrick’s beer.

What about Lulu and Dante? They are trying to patch them back up. Will it work? Luke doesn’t want his daughter taking Dante back with such ease. Spinelli and Michael help Lulu set-up a Valentine’s Day Dante won’t forget. Are they headed to the Opera? Will they hit the sack?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Sonny can’t find his wedding ring. The pregnancy test results are in. Sonny has a moment with his sons. Lucky and Siobhan get a clue. Jason and Sam are suspicious of Theo. Comedy for sure! Lulu and Luke run Kelly’s! Can Spinelli figure out who the Balkan is? Molly does! Is it too late? Another Jackal fantasy. Lucky is in danger.