The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Meggie's Return Spells Doom For Neacon?


Victor/Nikki: The two are stunned when Meggie strolls back into Genoa City.

Deacon/Nikki: The pair reveals their relationship to everyone on Valentine's Day. It sucks to be Nikki because her family and friends aren't very receptive to her dating Deacon. Nevertheless, the two share a romantic evening. Meanwhile, Meggie pops up like a bad penny to ruin everything. The barmaid snitches out Deacon's involvement in Nikki's recent fall off the wagon. Watch for a mega meltdown by Nikki....

Victor/Diane/Nick: The Black Knight decides to stake his claim of Diane on Valentine's Day, once he learns all about Ms. Jenkins and Nick getting busy. Both Nick and Diane are stunned by Victor's stunt, leaving Diane to wonder what she must do.

Adam: The black sheep pops the question to Sharon!

Adam/Sharon/Jack/Phyllis: Old Smilin' and Big Red tell Adam and Sharon the key to busting Victor is in Hawaii. Adam and Sharon are a bit skeptical on the couple's recommendation to head off to Hawaii, so Jack and Phyllis decide to travel to the island for the information. Things are looking up for Sharon when Jack and Phyllis find clues that Victor was in cahoots with Skye.

Sharon begs Nick for help with busting Victor for what he's done. At first, Nick isn't too thrilled by her idea, but he finally breaks down and contacts the Newman staff in Colorado to find out if Victor was there. Nick gets word that Victor wasn't there. Sharon has always overlooked Victor's flaws, but him willing to send her along with Adam to jail has finally forced her to see what everyone has said he has been.

Billy/Victoria: The couple is in total bliss, but not for long. Trouble looms on the horizon for Billy and Victoria.

Drama unfolds when Dr. Winters returns to Genoa City.

The fashionista and Kevin are still in the dark regarding Jana's schemes to break them up. Jana's plans to keep them apart are almost a success, since Chloe decides maybe she and Kevin shouldn't be together. Lucky for them, Katherine and Gloria come up with a Valentine's Day plot to bring the two together, but will Jana torpedo their hard work?

Nina: She gets bad news about Ronan.

Philip: He comes back from Australia for Cane's funeral.