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All My Children Spoilers: Ryan Finds Out Madison is Pregnant!


Here’s the Scoop!

Its roadside surgery… will Kendall be road kill? Really, why must all heart patients constantly be in heart trouble? They do this to Maxie on GH all the time too. Honestly, I’m tiring of the Kendall show. I like Alicia Minshew, but this has been overkill. Back to the scoop, it is what you’re here for after all. Griffin wants David to assist; I mentioned the devilish doc gets some special consideration to once again operate on Kendall. David “guides” Griffin through saving Kendall’s life who tells Dr. Castillo she loves him, thinking he’s Zach.

Secret time… Griffin admits to his sis that he had to tell Kendall about stealing the meds in order to gain her trust, while Kendall tells Erica she remembers shooting David. Erica tells Kendall she didn’t want Kendall to have any more stress.

Was Zach there? Kendall tells Ricky she felt him in that ambulance and that her husband was trying to tell her something. Ricky feels Zach was telling Kendall to hang on and pull through.

David wants to play let’s make a deal. He tells Erica that Kendall won’t “suffer” for shooting him if she helps him. Erica plans a meeting between David and the Governor. Will David be set free despite being sent back to jail? Will Jackson be OK with the meeting Erica set up for David? No!

David is released! He’ll tell Ryan he wants to be a “better man” and that he hopes to be reinstated as a doctor. Ryan is pissed, but Greens tells him do not worry.

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Annie, Annie, Annie… Another one of my faves, being written into a corner, all because the actress is leaving. Why can’t they write her a kick-ass exit story instead? No, we get whack job Annie instead of the crazy Annie I love so much. JR decides to help Annie after consulting with Dr. Burke. Annie shows up for her appointment and lies about how she got the cut on her head, saying she fell on some ice, but then lets the nutso shine through by saying she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. When JR tells her he only wants to help, Annie asks for some time alone.

Colby’s cuffed up at the cottage… and trying to get her hands on Annie’s cell phone. She will and sends her brother a text. Colby tells Annie everyone thinks she’s off visiting Adam, which makes Annie happy, realizing no one will think Colby is missing. Asher gets suspicious after he hears Annie and JR talking and goes off in search of Colby. He finds her at the cottage. Asher tells JR about Annie holding his sister at the cottage. JR calls Dr. Burke and the two discuss Annie committing herself. Will he convince her in time or will JR be in trouble before he gets the chance? Remember, it was JR’s car that was involved in the accident. Tad will come to JR and tell him he knows it was his car that hit the ambulance and JR realizes it was Annie.

JR tells Tad he can handle Annie. Just in case, Tad has commitment papers ready to go. Having more hallucinations of Marissa, Annie tells the mirage that she and JR are getting married. JR tells Annie he wants her to willingly commit herself, but the police show up and arrest JR for the accident. Finding the commitment papers, Annie’s thinks Marissa is behind it. Conveniently, Marissa comes looking for JR and Annie tells her he’s up in the attic where Annie tries to knock her out. Marissa falls and is knocked out.

More Kendall? Griffin or Ricky? Who do you like? I’m partial to Griffin. I just don’t feel Ricky. Maybe my feeling is right, as Ricky might not be who he seems. Apparently, he’s on a mission and he swears his feelings for Kendall won’t get in the way. At least that’s what he tells whoever he’s on the phone with. Griffin gets a little jealous when Ricky and Kendall make plans for dinner. Cara wants to know what her brother feels for his patient. Ricky comforts Kendall leading to a kiss.

Cara is doing the typical girl thing… She has her wedding ring around her neck on a chain and Jake will see it. Her necklace falls off and Jake sees the ring he gave her. Cara tells Jake she still loves him and left him to save his life. What she did in Sudan could have killed him had she stayed.

Ryan finds out Madison is with child! And it’s Greenlee who lets it slip! All that plotting and planning and she lets it slip?! Let’s back up a bit. Greens wants Madison occupied during her wedding and asks Scott to make that happen. When Madison wants to know who suggested Scott take her out, he tries to shake off the question. Greenlee sees Madison with a bouquet and Madison runs out apologizing, forgetting her cell phone. Madison comes back to retrieve her phone and can’t seem to bend down as easily as before. When Ryan notices, Greenlee lets the truth fly out.

CRAZY and RANDOM… How will Ryan handle the news? Is there a lie in the works? Where’s Emma? Annie has hit her breaking point. Bianca and Reese may be over. They might as well be, she’s not on the show! Caleb asks Asher to move in. David and Liza? She may be the only pairing that could work for him. Tad tells Jake that Cara cannot go back to Doctors Without Borders. Who is taking Cara away? Will they ever be Mr. and Mrs. Lavery? Caleb is trying to keep his distance from Erica. Jackson is still frustrated and still venting to Krystal.