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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly lets Dante know that she could easily kill him and have Jason dispose of his body and no one would be the wiser. However, she realizes that Michael has formed a bond with his brother and would know she did it and blame himself. Dante feels he needs to fix this, but Carly wants him to live with the consequences of his actions, knowing that what he did hurt Michael so badly.


Dante insists he did it to help Michael, but Carly plays the Jason going to jail card, and reminds Dante that he didn’t talk to the guards or the warden. Carly goes on to say Dante didn't even think to set up protective custody for Michael. Carly also feels Dante should have confessed to his cover up and gone to jail, instead of Jason.

Lucky comes to and hears Siobhan scream and finds her tied up and gagged in the confessional. Apparently, not only is the Balkan a giant New York lawyer, and a European crime boss, but he’s also Houdini, since he not only managed to tie up Siobhan in a nano second, but also managed to escape without Lucky seeing him. Siobhan tells Lucky that Balkan knew he followed her. Lucky feels that he still needs Siobhan since he kept her alive, and they need to convince the Balkan that they aren’t working together.

Lucky and Siobhan get Jason up to speed on the Balkan, and Jason feels someone tipped him off. Siobhan heads off to work and Lucky insists the Balkan doesn’t know that he and Siobhan are working together. Jason feels Lucky is trying to convince himself of Siobhan's innocence and to be more objective. Lucky asks that he not tell him any more of the wedding plans.

Lisa spots Robin and Patrick getting along, as they go about their business, and tears a strip off of Terrell for not keeping Robin occupied and away from Patrick. Steven overhears them arguing, warns them not to carry on like that in front of patients and wonders what it’s about. Lisa lies and says she’s looking for Patrick for a consult.

Steven is suspicious of Terrell and wonders aloud to Epiphany why someone who was such a big deal would transfer to their hospital on such short notice. Pif feels Terrell is a good doctor and that they’re lucky to have him.

Lisa continues to push Terrell about Robin, who says he didn’t sign up to boil toys and throw people down wells. Lisa denies that, and wonders who’s been talking, but Terrell lets her know that she’s hasn’t been straight with him and that he’s been giving her the benefit of the doubt for too long.

Robin and Patrick are joking around about the annoying wedding planner. Patrick asks Robin about spending Valentine’s Day as a family. Before Robin can answer, Steve leads Patrick away. Terrell ask Robin about gyms, and she wonders if he’s making up excuses to talk to her and tells him it upsets Patrick. Terrell accepts an HIV transfer, which piques Robin’s interest, but makes Steven wonder who authorized it, while Lisa smirks in the background.

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Michael’s hanging out with Abby, when Sam arrives ready to drive Abby home, but Michael has already offered to do it. Sam says she’s proud of Michael before he heads out. She and Abby commiserate about being in abusive relationships. Abby sings Michael’s praises and Sam is glad they found each other.

Brenda continues to complain about Carly, but Jason doesn’t care, since he has bigger problems to deal with. Sonny arrives and Brenda lets him know that Carly is up to something and just wants everything to be perfect. Jason tells Sonny about Siobhan and Brenda being grabbed at the wedding, but Sonny isn’t worried about that, since he figures Jason will deal with it. He’s more concerned about Carly and insists the wedding will proceed as planned.

Brenda doesn’t want Carly at the wedding, but Sonny feels that Carly is harmless. Brenda is worried that Carly will say something to make Sonny turn against her, but he says he waited long enough to marry her and he’s not letting her go again.

Maxie wonders why Lulu hasn’t forgiven Dante yet, since apparently love is hard to find and you should hang onto your lying douche bag. Lulu decides to pay Dante a visit.

Michael gets home and is surprised to see Carly there. She tells him she was asking Dante for help in supporting Michael and his therapy. After Carly leaves, Dante goes over the details of 2007 and apologizes for his part in what happened to Michael. Michael doesn’t blame him and says he won’t hate him.

Michael goes back to the hospital to help Abby get released. Abby wants to go home, but Michael says he has a better place for her. Michael takes her to the Metro Court and explains that he got her an all expense paid room to stay in and recover. Abby kisses him on the cheek and he gets uncomfortable, makes an excuse and leaves.

Sam and Jason discuss Michael, and she feels that Michael seemed much lighter and happy. She believes that Abby saved Michael. Sam understands where Abby is coming from, because she had her own problems before meeting Jason and she’s now exactly where she wants to be.

Lulu stops by Dante’s, who having a pity party and calls himself an ass. She figures he’s using reverse psychology on her, but he calls himself a liar and a hypocrite. He goes so far as to say that he’s done everything wrong and shouldn’t be a cop. Lulu wonders what that’s all about.

Shawn bumps into Siobhan at Jake’s and tries to get her information from her. She blows him off again. Lucky shows up and arrests her. Siobhan thinks he’s joking, but he feels she’s been lying from the start and is arresting her for assault and conspiracy. Shawn witnesses the whole thing.

Sonny has the vanishing Brenda nightmare, once again. Carly asks Max where to find Sonny, as she has something important to tell him.