One Life to Live Recap: How Deep Is Your Love

Brody: It is better for Jessica and John to hear the truth from us.


Natalie and Jessica awaken together in Jessica’s room. Both had bad dreams; Natalie dreamt of Marty exposing the truth and Jessica dreamt of waking up with Ford. Natalie gifts Jessica with a set of ribbons to pin into her dress: (old) Natalie’s childhood ribbon when “playing princess,” (new) the wedding date embroidered by Nat, (borrowed) from Bree, and a piece of Ryder’s Christening blanket (blue).

Starr is surprised to find Brody answering John’s door, but Brody explains that they bunked together in preparation for the wedding. Starr tells John she visited Marty. Marty snapped, but Starr is delighted that Marty’s memories are returning; Brody’s nervous. Starr must visit Cole today, so she apologizes that she has to miss the wedding, but she wishes John and Brody well.

John and Brody call Natalie and Jessica, respectively, to relay how much the ladies were missed and both couples express their love for each other. John tells Brody that his only worry is starting a new marriage while keeping the secret about Clint’s misdeeds. Brody makes an excuse that he has to pick up the grooms’ boutonnieres, but once in the hall, it’s clear that he is feeling guilty around John.

Brody surprises a half-dressed Natalie with the news that Marty is getting better. Brody wants to tell Jessica and John before Marty can, but when Brody doesn’t think it will be a big deal, Natalie worries that Marty can reveal something much worse than the one-night-stand.

John calls St. Anne’s to check on Marty, but he frets when the staff says that Marty is not in her room. John is stunned to see Marty at his door.

At the apartment, Ford is trolling the classifieds for jobs. He encourages James to do the same, but James is banking on his hearing. Langston teases James about dating Michelle, but Langston doesn’t think they’re serious.

Ford applies for a job at Rodi's as Langston and Starr talk. Langston is relieved to hear Starr admit that she can’t put her life on hold waiting for Cole. Langston points out that Starr was miserable for months before Cole went to prison, and she believes that Starr’s future happiness will rub off on Hope. Starr plans on telling Cole about James, and Langston promises to go along as moral support. Ford doesn’t get the job, but he heads to another restaurant to apply. Langston and Starr leave Rodi’s as Langston tells Starr that it’s time to move forward.

Michelle arrives at James’ place with the bad news that he’s been denied a hearing. She kisses James, but she worries it was a mistake. James is honest about his feelings for Starr, but he refuses to be “the other guy” as she waits for Cole, and he wants to move forward with Michelle. They sink to the couch in a hot-and-heavy embrace.

Kelly and Joey wake up together in the storage room. They share peanuts as they realize they were tricked by matchmakers, Shaun and Vivian. Typically, Kelly chokes on a peanut, but she finally confesses everything: she’s in love with Joey. Joey laughs when Kelly admits to kissing Rex, but he reveals he was jealous when he saw her with Cutter. Joey cares deeply about Kelly, but their timing is terrible; he plans on marrying Aubrey. Kelly and Joey nearly kiss before being rescued by a serviceman. They’ll see each other at the wedding.

At Rodi’s, Clint speaks with Mr. Blue. He thinks this is will be a perfect day; he’s “stopping one wedding while celebrating another.” Clint sends Mr. Blue to retrieve the camera footage.

Aubrey hasn’t heard from Joey, and she worries that Clint exposed Aubrey’s true colors. Aubrey is relieved when Cutter suggests Joey just may be preparing to photograph the wedding. They have sex, but they immediately return to searching for Joey and Kelly.

Mr. Blue arrives under the guise of adjusting the thermostat to retrieve the flash drive from the camera. Cutter returns from his room, and wonders about the man he saw leaving. No thermostats were changed in Cutter’s room, and the supposed maintenance man only stopped at Aubrey’s suite. Cutter scours the thermostat and finds the camera. Aubrey freaks out.

Ford confronts Clint about being framed, but Clint denies everything. He also owes Ford nothing as Ford hurt Jessica. Ford believes karma will haunt Clint. Mr. Blue returns with the flash drive. Clint is thrilled to discover the recording shows Aubrey and Cutter in a compromising position. “Gotcha!”