General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Sonny isn’t happy to see Carly let herself into his house, but Carly gets right to the point and tells him about Michael. Personally, I think she was in the wrong here. As much as the old ‘not my secret to tell’ cliché is overused, I do think it fits this situation. Michael should have been the one to confide in his father, when he was ready. As predicted, Sonny blames himself, but Carly’s quick to point the finger at Dante. However, Sonny doesn’t feel that blaming Dante will help Michael. Sonny says he’ll do whatever it takes to help his son, and Carly asks him not to marry Brenda. She feels Brenda will hurt Sonny, and that Carly and Jason won’t be there to pick up the pieces, since they’re dealing with Michael. Don’t worry Carly; I’m pretty sure that’s what Claire is for.


When Brenda returns with wedding cake, Sonny lets her know that Carly was there regarding the kids. Brenda wonders if there’s anything she can do.

Sam sees the similarities between her and Abby, and how she’ll do whatever to survive. Sam says it’s important to have someone and how happy she is to have Jason. She wonders if Jason has noticed odd behavior from Spinelli since he found the pamphlet. Michael arrives and lets them know that Abby is safe at the hotel. When Sam leaves, Michael asks if Jason told Sam. Jason asks about therapy, and Michael says he’ll make the appointment for him and Carly, but Jason reminds him he has to do it for himself. Michael wants Jason to promise never to tell Sonny, because he feels his father won’t respect him. Jason tells him that no one thinks he’s weak, and has shown a lot of bravery with the Abby and bus crash situations.

The wedding planner shows up with Brenda’s dress, and insists on bringing it up to Brenda’s room herself and lays it on the bed. Michael feels that Brenda makes Sonny happy and the wedding is a big deal with Kris and Molly. Too bad we don’t get to see Brenda and the girls interact. Michael reiterates that if Sonny knew about the rape, all of his doubts about Michael would be confirmed. Jason disagrees and feels Sonny deserves to know how strong Michael has been to survive this.

Dante continues the self-pity tour 2011 and Lulu takes out her pom poms and champions his cause. She reminds him that he wanted to protect Michael from Sonny and the mob life and had Michael’s best interests at heart.

Siobhan accuses Lucky of not having any proof, but Lucky insists she broke the law and takes her to the station. Shawn calls Theo, who’s happy to hear that Siobhan hasn’t double-crossed him. At the station, Lush stops pretending, as Lucky reminds us that the Balkan has eyes and ears everywhere. Both are surprised when Theo shows up angry that Siobhan’s rights are being trampled. Why that wasn’t an immediate red flag to Lucky, I’ll never know.

Theo’s angry at Lucky for denying him access to Siobhan, but Lucky says he can see his client after she’s been processed, which should be hours from now, so Theo sits and waits. Lucky leads Siobhan, dressed in a police uniform, out the door under Theo’s nose. Jason shows up looking for Lucky, and Theo informs him that Lucky arrested Siobhan.

Lucky questions Siobhan about the phone calls from Meghan, whether there were any hidden messages or noises in the background. Siobhan remembers hearing a bell from Ireland, so they make plans to fly out. As they’re leaving, Jason shows up and stops them.

Nik and Brook want to play at the Star, but Ethan says it’s closed until Luke gets back. Tracy arrives. Ethan mentions two bottles of expensive wine that Luke sent ahead of his return. Ethan mentions Luke wanting to smuggle in the jewels via Maxie. Luke arrives, and Tracy is happy to see him, much to everyone'd surprise. Tracy finds the jewels in one of the bottles of wine, but refuses to give it to Luke, figuring it’s part of the money he always owes her. Mac arrives, with an arrest warrant via Interpol, to arrest Tracy for jewel smuggling, since Luke put the bottles of wine in her name.

Maxie and Sam discuss their lives without children, and Sam insists she’s happy with her life, but sometimes wonder what if. Lulu arrives and mentions her visit with Dante. When Sam gets up to get another beer, she feels nauseous and needs to sit back down. Maxie wonders if she might be pregnant.

Sonny pays Dante a visit and pulls out the old, 'nothing worst than watching people you love suffer for your choices' excuses. You know, the excuse he pulls out after he’s finishing shooting his competitors and counting his money. Who’s taking odds on when he’ll show up at St. Timothy’s or the hospital chapel for his chat with God? Sonny doesn’t know how to help Michael. Michael comes home and knows from the look on his father’s face that he knows the truth. He assumes Dante was the one who spilled the beans.

Carly’s coming down the stairs at the penthouse and hears Robin and Brenda coming in, so she hides and listens to them (Why she’s there when no one’s home is an interesting question).  Robin wants to see the dress, but Brenda has a hard time getting excited about the wedding because she feels Carly will mess it up. Brenda wonders why Carly is so sad and pathetic and always uses her kids. Robin feels Carly can’t be alone. Brenda feels badly for Jax. Then, the two pass notes in Math class and decide to braid each other's hair, draw mustaches on icky boys pictures and make smores. No, wait, they finally decide to go and check out the dress, and are shocked to see it in ruins on Brenda’s bed, as Carly lets herself out of the house.