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One Life to Live Recap: Another One Bites The Dust

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Viki: What are you going to do then? You going to ride to her rescue, or are you going to come to your step-daughters’ weddings with me, your wife?

Viki is disappointed that the guest list is dwindling; Roxy is too hungover and Todd would rather “gouge out his own eyes than see John McBain happy.” Charlie enters the library, wanting to know why Echo’s belongings are gone. Viki freely admits to throwing out Echo. Charlie is livid that Viki “evicted her” without consultation, but Viki was pushed to the limit.

Rex and Gigi arrive, and Viki tells Charlie that Rex had another paternity test done. Rex suspected manipulations by Clint, but Rex lies that the retest confirmed the original results. Charlie is relieved because Rex means the world to him. Echo phones Rex; she’s staying at the Minuteman Motel.

Charlie is angry that Echo is relegated to a place where someone was recently murdered, but Viki points out that Charlie made a solo decision in inviting Echo into Llanfair initially. They will never agree, and Viki wants to focus on the joy in their lives for one day. In the foyer, Rex hates that he lied to Charlie, but he fears that a test denying Charlie’s paternity would kill him.

Marty shows up at John’s, and he relays Marty’s location to the staff of St. Ann’s. Marty realizes it’s John’s wedding day, and she recalls stopping his last wedding. John knows that Marty hasn’t been herself, but when he tells her about recent events as spun by Natalie, Marty corrects that Natalie was the kidnapper, not Marty. Marty knows that Natalie is hiding something about the baby and about Brody, but she can’t piece everything together entirely. She begs John to help her remember, but John sends Marty with the St. Ann’s staff. Alone, John is suspicious.

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Brody worries about Marty, but Natalie insists that through her rehabilitation, Marty will no longer be seeking revenge. Jessica enters the bedroom, blasting Brody for bringing bad luck by seeing the bride before the ceremony.

Jessica and Brody pledge their love to each other, and Natalie offers that Brody came by to quell his nerves, but now that he has, he must leave. The nanny brings in Ryder, and Natalie believes the Lovett's make a beautiful family. Jessica thinks the same of the McBain's, and Natalie is pleased that she and Jess are having a good year as compared to the previous. Privately, Brody promises to keep quiet, but he fears they are making “the worst mistake of [their] lives.”

Blair thinks Kelly is doing the “walk of shame” into La Boulaie, but Kelly says she and Joey were stuck at Rodi’s. Kelly reveals that she finally came clean to Joey and he admitted to being jealous over Cutter, but it’s too late for them. Blair informs Kelly of meeting Tomas, and while Blair has questions, she thinks Kelly has the right idea: “give up gracefully.” Kelly is ready for the wedding, and Blair gushes about her gorgeousness. Alone, Blair wistfully sniffs a bottle of wine, remembering her time with Tomas. When the doorbells ring, Blair opens the door to find Tomas staring back at her.

Aubrey and Cutter are panicking over Clint getting the goods on them. Joey arrives and reveals that he was trapped with Kelly; they slept, searched for food, and talked about Aubrey and Cutter. Joey rushes to get ready for the wedding. Cutter thinks they should skip town, but Aubrey refuses, claiming that Clint is just “playing chicken.” Joey is ready, but when Aubrey says she’ll meet Joey at the wedding, he wonders why she seems so bothered. She’s not, so long as Joey loves her. After Joey leaves, Cutter returns and Aubrey begs him to stay in Llanview.

Rama and Vimal arrive at the church, with Rama intent on getting revenge against Clint by exposing him at the wedding. She reminds Vimal that Clint forced Vimal into criminal activity, but Vimal thinks that taking on Clint is too dangerous. Rama believes they will gain the respect of all of the Buchanan's. Vimal panics when Rama says the truth must come from Vimal.  Rama insists that they can’t allow Clint to ruin the lives of his family.

Bo and Nora arrive early at the church. They want to celebrate the day, but wonder how to handle Clint; Clint taunts that he wonders the same about them. Clint remembers marrying Nora there, as does Nora, but she also reminds Clint of his shotgun shenanigans at her and Bo’s wedding. Today, Clint is only armed with a flash drive, but they can’t charge him with that or anything else.

Bo suggests a day-long truce, but Clint will only agree if they will lay off him legally. Bo refuses, so Clint says, “go to hell.” Bo promises Clint will lose everyone’s respect. Clint reminds Bo of Bo’s depression when Asa died, but despite Clint’s reassurances at the time, Asa never respected Bo. Nora insists Clint is “rewriting history,” but Clint swears Asa would hate Bo for punishing Clint. Bo breaks his silence by punching Clint in the gut.