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One Life to Live Spoilers: Clint's DNA Secrets Are Revealed!

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A double wedding gone wrong, a cover-up and two paternity test secrets revealed rock the city of Llanview to its core. Don't forget One Life to Live will air a classic episode from 1995 featuring Todd and Blair's wedding on Friday, February 11. I hope everyone is ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of February 7!

After seeing Marty towed away to St. Ann's, John will have a hard time dealing with their encounter. However, his old friend Pete is going to help him get things straight. In the meantime, Brody and Natalie will decide to keep the truth about their one-night stand a secret from Jessica and everyone else. After Brody leaves, Natalie (who can't hold water as my mother would say) tells Gigi everything. Gigi will help Natalie look at all the happiness that will come from her marriage to John.


The wedding ceremony starts and John's doubts about marrying Natalie will be written all over his face. In the middle of the ceremony, Vimal will start singing like a canary about all of Clint's dirty secrets After he tells everyone about Rex's DNA test, Vimal will reveal to everyone that he switched the results of Jessica's paternity test from Robert Ford to Brody Lovett. Jessica and Brody will be absolutely devastated by the news that Ford is Ryder’s father. Vimal’s surprising confession will only make John more suspicious of Natalie.

John will get Natalie alone and begin to ask her questions about the night Liam was born. Natalie will try to lie to John, but John will force her to confess the truth. Natalie will admit to John that she slept with Brody. Simultaneously, Brody will be confessing to Jessica that he slept with Natalie. Jessica will be floored by Brody's confession. Jessica storms out, as Natalie will be attempting to defend her lies to John. Natalie will even go so far as to question John's openness to accept another man's child as his own. In turn, John is going to leave Natalie high and dry. As he's leaving the church, John will run into Jessica. How will John and Jessica handle their recent upsetting news?

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Clint/Rex/Charlie: Before the wedding, Charlie and Viki will agree to disagree about the Echo issue. Before anyone can marry, Vimal will stand up and start telling the truth about Rex's DNA test. Vimal is going to confess to everyone that he changed Rex's DNA test to read Charlie Banks is Rex’s father when in reality Clint Buchanan is really Rex's father. Clint is going to argue his side of things and bash Rex in the process. Charlie is going to try to attack Clint, but John, Brody and Shaun will hold him back. Charlie will storm out of the place and Rex and Gigi will try to find him. Vimal will continue to tell the rest of the shady things he did for Clint. Later on, a completely heart broken Charlie will end up at Rodi's and order a drink. How will everyone react to their being another blood Buchanan in the family?

Cutter/Aubrey/Joey/Kelly: Cutter and Aubrey are going to find a way to change the damaging footage Clint has on them. Meanwhile, Kelly and Joey will share an emotionally charged moment. After, Clint will give Kelly a DVD of Aubrey and Cutter's true intentions. Kelly will stupidly give the DVD to Joey without watching it. Joey watches it and the DVD will show Aubrey proclaiming her love for Joey, not the real footage of Aubrey spelling out her plan to rob him blind. Joey will go off on Kelly, accusing her of planting a camera in Aubrey's room to catch her in a lie. Kelly won't even get a chance to tell Joey his father was behind the whole thing. Will Joey open his eyes to the real Aubrey Wentworth before it's too late?

Blair will be stunned to find Tomas at her door. She speaks with him for a bit, but will decide to dismiss him. Will Tomas give up on Blair that easily?

Starr will travel to Statesville with Langston and break up with Cole. When they return, Langston will get Starr to go visit James. However, Starr has no clue that James and Michelle will be making out. Michelle will be able to tell that James is being timid, and wonders if they are moving things along too fast. James is going to lie to her and say everything is fine. Michelle will ask James if he wants to take things to the bedroom, as Starr knocks on the door. Starr will think James and Michelle had sex when she enters the apartment and decide not tell James about her breakup with Cole. After Starr leaves, James will pine for her. Will James dump Michelle and go after his heart, Starr?

Once again, Bo will get into a heated argument with Clint. Which brother will be standing tall at the end?

Todd will inform Tea and Dani that Ford is the father of Jessica's baby, not Brody. Dani is going to tell Nate, as Ford hears part of their conversation. Will Nate and Dani tell Ford he's a father?

Sneak Peaks at Next Week (February 14th):

  • Ford finds out he's a daddy
  • John and Kelly are involved in a bar fight
  • Joey and Aubrey get married
  • Todd walks in on Dani and Nate in bed
  • Tess is back (It was only a matter of time! Sigh.)
  • Rex and Clint have it out